My husband Paul and I were married on October 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. I was initially enamored by the numbers: 10.20.12. I know this might sound ridiculous but I had never seen numbers so pretty. 🙂

To cover all the bases of my wedding experience, I am including all my previous wedding et al posts & all my future posts on weddings here for your convenience/reference/enjoyment. If you are a bride-to-be and have any questions or concerns about wedding planning, please feel free to shoot me a comment. I’ll be happy to help!

Every post is compartmentalized in their own category from new to old. Enjoy!

Post-Wedding Thoughts
Bridesmaid Do’s & Dont’s
Wedding invitations speaks for themselves
Marriage License Blunders. Oops.
Are weddings becoming too cliché?
Wedding Do-Over?

Wedding Day
Our official wedding photos!
Wedding: father+daughter dance to Josh Groban’s “You’re Still You”

Wedding Planning (wedding planner, make-up artist, dress, venue, et al)
Vegas, baby!
Our official engagement photos<3
Wedding Budget
Wedding update + sneak peek of venue
Peek into our wedding details
Week of wedding chaos in L.A.
Anticipated trip back to L.A.
Monday! Monday! Monday!

Wedding STRESS + Venting
Food & family go hand in hand
Don’t Tread On Me
August wedding rant: Clarity
It’s OK to Dissapoint People

Wedding Thoughts + Musings
October is finally here!
My wedding is in one month!
Thoughts on my engagement


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