I am a first time mom who gave birth to Kyle on August 2, 2013 @ 8:14AM EST. To backtrack & follow me on my pregnancy journey, please take a look below. The posts are currently categorized from most recent to old.

My 38+39 weeks pregnancy update
Pregnancy: 37 weeks + full term baby!
Pregnancy: 36 weeks + Recent updates
Pregnancy: 35 weeks + Working from home + Glucose tests
Pregnancy: 34 weeks & he’s a droppin’
Pregnancy: 33 weeks. Holy cow!
Pregnancy: 32 weeks!
Pregnancy: 31 weeks!
Pregnancy: Officially 30 weeks!
Pregnancy: 29 weeks + something-odd days
Let’s all stare at the pregnant lady
26 weeks: Appetite has been off the charts!
Pregnancy scare update
Pregnancy “blues” = Carbs?
Pregnancy: 23 weeks!
Weighty issue: How much do I weigh? Pre-pregnancy and now.
Things I found out by being pregnant
My high risk 1st trimester story
How I found out I was pregnant
Absence makes the heart grow fonder?


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