It’s been a year already?!

Holy moly. It’s been a little over a year since my last post. After a brief chit chat with Ms. Connie, I’ve realized maybe I should start posting again. We will see but I am a little hesitant about putting my life back on the web. I’ve heard stories where pictures of kids ended up on some strange pamphlet or part of some horrible scam. I’m either an all or nothing type of gal so… so I’ll take it a post at a time.

I believe an update is in order? 🙂

When I left the blog last year, I had just turned 29 and was still a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). I was planning for Kyle’s 1st birthday and looking into full-time employment. But since then, a lot has happened!

  1. Kyle had a wonderful 1st birthday in August.

  2. Went to 2 fabulous weddings in September.

  3. Visited Seattle for the first time. Loved our visit!
  4. Received a job offer as a contractor for Accenture @ Google in October.
  5. Kyle started daycare at 14 months. Bittersweet. 😦
  6. Turned 30 and husband treated me to a wine tour in Napa Valley. Resigned and accepted another offer for Pro Limited @ Facebook this month.

What a year can do! What ONE month can do! I am so amazed and blessed for the opportunities and friendships that I have found while moving to the Bay last year. Life has its ups and downs but I am only happy to experience it all.

To be continued…?


What I ate Wednesday – Big breakfasts!

My breakfasts have been getting bigger lately. Breakfasts are very protein based, lunch is a mix of salads+protein, and I have snacks galore with chocolate, Chex mix, and cake pops. For some reason, I’ve been eating large amounts from 7-3 and then tapering off to small dinners or no dinners at all. I think I missed more than half my dinners last week. The reason? My husband comes home from work 9-10PM and honestly, I don’t want to eat that late. I just make his meal beforehand and I just eat bits of this and that while I’m preparing.

Kyle has also been quite the handful for the past few weeks. He wakes up shrieking bloody murder multiple times throughout the night and is quite mobile with his rapid crawling. So what does that equate to? An overrun, tired mama who is surviving on broken sleep and tired limbs. Sleep > food. I hit the hay right after I see Kyle nod off around 8-9.

Due to this change, my body has incredibly shifted my food choices and eating pattern to something that’s more sustainable to my lifestyle. I need all that protein to energize me for the day. Listen to your body!

Breakfast: Egg white omelet with cheese, leftover rotisserie chicken, and a random half an avocado that needed to be eaten.


 Lunch: Whole Foods. I just picked whatever looked appetizing!


Snacks: Japanese strawberry Kit Kat bar from Mitsuwa. I like the green tea one better but I couldn’t waste it, right? I just finished the entire bag in one go. 🙂



Leftover dark chocolate favors from my cousin’s wedding.



Dinner: A rare night I was hungry for dinner. I threw in tofu, yellow squash, and some leftover ground chicken into this Mapo tofu mixture. It doesn’t look too pretty but it was quite nice.


Hello, Mr. McDermott!

You obviously don’t know me but you are my first star sighting. I saw you walk in but didn’t want to bother you as I imagine you want some peace and quiet. I have always been a big fan since I saw you in Steel Magnolias as a teenager. I had a big crazy fan moment and had my sister-in-law take this picture of the back of your head. I hope you don’t mind!