What I ate Wednesday – Japan Town Eats!

My husband is working all weekend so he decided to take the day off yesterday. It’s always nice to have hubby with me! ❤

Breakfast: eggs with cheese + turkey bacon + leftover egg muffins


Lunch: we decided to stroll around Japan Town and see what they were all about. We lunched at Kazoo and what with their somewhat reasonable prices and big portions, I’m definitely going to come back! It was tasty too but I had another minor stomachache after this. It wasn’t as horrible as my experience at Wing Stop but uncomfortable nonetheless. Boooooo. My husband thinks it’s because I was gobbling down too many oily tempura.

We shared 2 rolls – forgot what they were called but it was delish!


Hmm.. I notice now that both our rolls were encrusted with tempura batter…. 😀 Funny how you don’t notice certain details when you’re hungry, huh?


I got the broiled mackerel combo and it was exactly what I wanted! Mackerel is my favorite fatty fish and this tasted just like my mom’s.


 And onto my husband”s order. He was craving donkatsu and this boat combo was perfect.  This was around $16 – not too bad.


And of course, even though I was complaining about a stomachache, I SOMEHOW still managed to polish off a green tea mochi ice cream at Jimbo’s. My husband had this at their store in Hawaii and remembered it being just as good.
We got 3 for $3.95 I think but don’t quote me on that! He got the chocolate espresso and the chocolate strawberry. The chocolate espresso was my favorite.




My stomach was still feeling funny a few hours later so I just had some Starbursts and called it a night. 🙂



How did I spend my 29th birthday?

Kyle hasn’t been sleeping well for the past 3 weeks or so. It’s been a nightmare. My husband is at his wits end but what can we do? We transitioned him to our bed because he wakes up 4-5 times a night. This is the baby that used to sleep from 7PM-7AM starting from when he was 3 months old! I hope it’s a phase!

But anyway, my birthday was just like any other day except for the fact that my husband took most of the day off to spend time with me. What a sweetie pie! I really appreciated him today. It felt so nice to have him at home with me. Our time together is definitely a luxury now since he’s so busy with work – even on the weekends! 😦

I first went to my primary physician for this weird skin rash that developed overnight. I got it after taking a nice long bath in my bath tub over the weekend. I was diagnosed with Hot Tub Folliculitis. It just sounds gross just looking at the word. It normally doesn’t occur from using your own personal bath tub but it can happen. Lucky me. My doctor says it’s basically like a staph infection but isn’t contagious or anything. It’s so itchy and it looks like red pimples. I am to take oral antibiotics and to slather on this antibiotic ointment on all the affected areas. So yeah. Boo.

My husband wanted to cheer me up so he took me to the lovely outdoor shopping mall, Santana Row. It was obviously empty since we went in the middle of the afternoon. It was nice not to hunt for parking or maneuver ourselves around people.




We went to Pluto’s for a late lunch/early dinner. It’s a decent place where you build your own salads and sandwiches. We got the Modern Mars, was it? And the Chicken comet with a side of mac ‘n cheese. Do not get the mac ‘n cheese. You might as well get it from KFC.

Pretty yummy but expensive. Since I’m unemployed, I think everything’s overpriced. 😉



Then we headed over to Cocola‘s for dessert. It was so hard to choose but we finally settled on the Hazelnut Cake and the Napoleon.

Connie, if you’re reading this, get the Napoleon next time! IT’S SO GOOD!





That Napoleon really knows the way to a girl’s heart. It has everything that I love: flaky buttery pastry with real whip cream and fruit. This dessert has to be one of my top 5’s. No joke. Perfect way to end my birthday. 🙂

My last birthday in my 20’s. My husband asked how I felt about being 29. I actually felt surprisingly sad. It’s like when you’ve had the best time with your pals at a bar and it’s closing time and you have to leave… and you don’t wanna? Haha. Maybe I’ll change my tune when I actually turn 30? Because in a nutshell, my 20’s thus far has been pretty chaotic. I met my husband when I was 24 turning 25 so the latter half of my 20’s was thankfully amazing.

But my early 20’s? It was fun no doubt but full of rebellion, rage, bitterness, sadness – I was growing up and breaking out of my shell. I had my heart broken multiple times. I also had my share of breaking hearts without a care in the world. I fought with my mom tooth and nail about anything and everything. I learned the lesson of working hard for your money, how to spend money, and how to not spend money. Even with all that, I miss it sometimes. I miss being naive and being ambivalent to the world around me. I miss not needing my mom for everything anymore. I miss being young-er, having absolutely no fear, and taking on each day like a BOSS. I was reckless, yo. 🙂

I’m still in my 20’s. I’ll make it count more than ever this year!

Pineapple bark good for the back?

My mom heard from her employee that drinking the water from a boiled pineapple bark can help strengthen one’s back. Not for me but for my husband who frequently pulls his back out.

He pulled it years ago when he was at the gym. He saw a hot white chick passing by and wanting to impress her, pumped some ambitious iron. I asked if he at least got her number. “No.” Did she even notice you? … “No.” He probably got a pity glance as he yelped in pain.

But anyways, now I am stuck with his weak back and he pulls it at least once a week. He pulls it with the most mundane of tasks too. E.g. Bending down to pick up a dropped pen. That’s how bad it is. So before racking up some serious medical bills, I’m going to try this out.

I told my husband about this homeopathic remedy and he said, “Ew.” I said, “You’re going to drink this bark water!!!” He said, “Ok, wonderful wife.” That’s what I thought.  😉

All you  have to do is boil down the pineapple bark on low for a few hours. Throw the bark out, keep the water refrigerated and drink it throughout the day.


Is it strange to have broken down a pineapple for the first time at the tender age of 28? 😀  Super easy by the way.



Can’t wait to dig into the actual pineapple tomorrow morning for breakfasts. I’ll let you guys know if this works. Crossing fingers.

Baby boy is movin’ and groovin’

… and babblin’. I wanted to wait until his 4 month update but he’s growing up too fast!

Here he is on his Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym. This thing has been a lifesaver! It flashes colors, plays music and keeps him entertained for AT LEAST 20 minutes at a time. A big thank you to my dear Caroline for purchasing this for us. She said her little one loved this when he was Kyle’s age and she said she had to buy it for us when she saw it on our baby registry. Thank you again, Carol! I highly recommend this to any new mothers out there.

But unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to use it for that much longer.

He’s been stuck at this angle for a week or so until…


BAM! He’s on his tummy!

1.  Paul said he caught him flipping over to his stomach awhile back but we thought it was just a fluke – he was only 3 months old at the time. He did it again here and there but we just chalked it up to him being on the soft bed or because we deemed his head to be weighing him down. Now, we can no longer deny it.

He does it EVERY TIME we put him down. I fear he’s going to knock down the poles and get hurt.


Does he look mischievous to you? Or I guess he’s just proud of his accomplishment. 😉


2.  He’s been babbling since he was 2 months old but now it’s nonstop. He loves to hold conversations with his dad the most. My husband’s black-rimmed glasses grabs his attention I think.


3.  He also started batting at the dangling toys. Before, he used to just stare at them but as of last week, he’s been batting and feeling them out with his fingers. It’s amazing to see.


4. What’s next on the list? Sitting up on his own. He slumps forward when we try to sit him down at the moment. But who knows what he’ll be doing next month. Crawling, perhaps?