9 months later + Baby & Body

My 9 month update:

  • My extreme postpartum hair loss has stopped. And thank goodness my hair is growing back but all the new baby hair is sticking straight up! It looks so bad. I’ve resorted to gelling it back with super strength gel. 😦 At least it’s growing back, right?
  • I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I only have less than a handful of pounds left so that’s good. I thought I was going to lose everything by the 6 month mark but it didn’t help that I barely went to the gym and didn’t stick to any diet scheme. I’ve been reading stories of how some women & of course celebrities were able to lose all their pregnancy weight and more by the 1-3 month mark. I know it depends on genetics and how much you ate during your pregnancy but can I say, LUCKY! I was still bloated and not feeling like my old self until I hit the 6 month mark. But I also know there are many women who are not able to lose the baby weight as easily. I found it and still find it hard to reclaim my body afterwards.
  • With the above said, I’m finally seeing how pregnancy has changed my body. It’s nothing too drastic like some women but changes nonetheless. For some reason, I lost a lot of fat from breasts. Since high school, I was known as that Korean girl with the huge tatas. It’s weird to see them so deflated now. I can see my breast bones sticking out behind them. I still have some extra fat on my face and stomach but I can’t complain too much about anything else.
  • 2 lasting comments I heard about my post-pregnancy body: I overheard a stranger from a coffee shop tell her friend that she couldn’t believe a thin woman like me had a baby. That was really uplifting and wonderful to hear. My ears definitely perked up. A bad one? I headed to my cousin’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding and saw my aunt that hadn’t seen me since my wedding. The first thing she said to me in Korean? “Lisa, you gained a lot of weight! Especially your face!” I laughed it off but c’mon – I had a baby and it hasn’t even been a year since his birth! I haven’t felt that judged and self-conscious in awhile. 😦  I’ve learned to roll with the punches and you know something? People are going to say shit. It can be with purpose or without thought. I would like to believe it’s the latter. I probably say things at times that are devastatingly inappropriate too – no one’s perfect. So with that said, just roll with the punches. Duck, roll, do a split, or let it just smack you in the face and GET OVER IT. Don’t take things too personally. Don’t take horrible things to heart – it will do you no good. People are going to be people. Just say c’est la vie and smile.


2.5 months postpartum


3.5 months postpartum


5.5 months postpartum


9 months postpartum



Kyle’s 9 month check-up:

  • 19 pounds / 29 inches long / 6-9 month clothing
  • I’m a believer of vaccinations so he received everything he needed. Curacao doesn’t give as many vaccinations as the U.S. so he was missing a few. He usually has a fever after his shots but not this time around! He just had little bouts of crying with each shot and he was back to his happy self within minutes. What a trooper, right? 🙂
  • He is a fast crawler. He gets into everything. He loves cords and phone chargers. He’s ruined 2 phone chargers already. Those are expensive, yo!
  • He can climb stairs but hasn’t figured out how to climb back down. He just whimpers a bit until I notice his plight. I keep showing him how to navigate the stairs by climbing backwards but it’s a no go at this point.
  • He’s been standing since before his 7 month update. He tries to stand on everything and is a pro with his walker. I’m so amazed every time I see him zooming on by — on his walker! 😀
  • He has 7 teeth in total with another one on its’ way. It’s so strange to see him with teeth! Haha. He loves biting his daddy’s toes.
  • He can clap his hands, give us high-fives, and point his index finger at us so we can do E.T’s go home. 😉
  • He likes the game of chase. He giggles all crazy and crawls super fast to the kitchen. When he sees that I’m not following him, he crawls back out to let me know he’s there and to follow him. Such a smart little man!
  • One other thing that I am amazed by is his understanding of cause and effect. For instance, there’s a little old style telephone ringer on his walker that he loves to twirl with his fingers. But he realizes that I’m much better and faster at it so a couple of days ago, he surprised me by taking my hand and placing it on the telephone ringer. I didn’t understand so I brought my hand back but he did it again!
  • Strangers usually think he’s a girl. Does he?
  • His personality is incredible. He is such a happy little thing. He coos, giggles, laughs, and smiles all the time. I love love love his happy demeanor.
  • Oh and he’s such a troublemaker. I guess all babies are this way? But wow. He has such a mischievous grin and does things JUST to see how I react. Little rascal!


Did I mentioned he loves mirrors and his reflection? Kyle does mean handsome by the way. 😉



Yup. The cords. Freaks me out every time he does this. What if he somehow knocks over the lamp? What if he’s hiding a metal rod somewhere and electrocutes himself?!



He doesn’t like his zucchini.


My all-time favorite picture of Kyle. I’m so happy I got this shot!



His trademark chubby thighs. Isn’t he such a G? That one foot ALWAYS goes up when we’re strolling around the neighborhood.

I usually have him in pants but last week was too darn hot for pants.





Kitties with Emily

I don’t think she even likes cats that much but everyone just happened to surprise her with cats galore – me included. Oops. 😛  Emily and Brent graciously took us into their home for a full week while we searched for apartments in San Jose. I can’t thank them enough for their generosity, hospitality, and instant friendship. Paul, Kyle, and I are so lucky! Happy 29th, Emily!

Emily doesn’t like puns, she says. 🙂


The boys having a serious discussion about Diablo’s new expansion update. BLEH. We’ve lost our men again to this menace!



 My adorable and silly hubby.



Kyle gravitates to Uncle Brent all the time.


And the cat of the hour…


Baby Kyle at 7 months

It’s been awhile since Kyle’s last update!

To keep it short, his congenital hypothyroidism seems to be in check and nothing out of the ordinary in that area. Oh and wonderful news: our pediatrician thinks he might just have a transient form and that the hypothyroidism might disappear by his first birthday. Woo hoo!

And milestone-wise?

He’s hitting them or might I say, blazing through them!

He’s eating purees, crawling like a fiend and sitting on his own with glee. His two bottom teeth have protruded which is making sleep time so much easier. He was fighting sleep and waking up so many times throughout the night. I felt like a zombie the past month.

I’m so proud of his achievements and can’t be any happier with his development. His personality is boisterous and loud, outgoing, sociable, and inquisitive about his expanding world. He was just a little squirming blob just a few months ago!









Until next time! More updated to come soon. Have a wonderful week! Bon siman!

Goodbye party to us!

Goodbye party to us last Saturday. My wonderful friend, Shadia offered her home to us and I couldn’t be more grateful. I wish I could take her to LA with me. Other than my maid of honor, I don’t think I’ve met someone as amazing as she. 🙂

Kyle finally got to meet Pauline!

It started out okay…



… and then a sudden fit. He started crying/shrieking for 15 minutes or so. We have no idea what spurred it on. 😦



Busted out my travel size Korean soju that I’ve been saving since July. Everyone loved it. They were more amazed that it looked like a kiddie juice box. Stick a straw in it and no one would be the wiser! I think this was made for travel but it is perfectly legal to drink in public in Korea. And no need to hide the alcoholic beverage in a brown paper bag either!

Check out Black Out Korea for embarrassing, hilarious, appalling, wtf pictures of Korean citizens drunk and passed the eff out.

Shadia’s mom with Kyle. I will most ardently miss her as well. Sigh.


Lots of food and drinks were had. I don’t think I drank that much vodka since… last year! It’s funny. I thought I would have drank more often after I stopped breastfeeding but that wasn’t the case at all. I realize I don’t miss the next day’s results of drinking excessively: splitting headache, still tasting the alcohol on your breath and the uncontrollable craving to eat all the fatty food in sight. Let’s just say that I zipped on over to McDonald’s after this night. No more!