Snap as you stroll

I walk around my neighborhood on a daily basis to appease Kyle’s intense yearning for the outdoors. He loves cars already and how they make noise as they zoom on by. I think it’s a given that Hot Wheels cars are in my very near future. I can already see myself stepping on them and being in explicable pain. 😀

Back in LA, we live in a gated community with cookie cutter condos and houses, so my neighborhood in the Bay area that’s near a college campus is eclectic to say the least. There was a big campus event last Friday before graduation and the streets were amok with young’ins. I’ve never been to a college event that let you wear briefs as pants! Times have changed. 😉

Whatever the norm is on dressing yourself these days, I felt so out of place with no make-up, crazy hair, and stroller in tow. I really felt the generational gap and no wonder – these kids are the same age as my 21 year old brother! I still thought I was pretty young but this day made it all too clear that I am NOT. Time to head on over to the 30’s bracket next year!

This house does not seem to care for visitors – at all. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.


Do you see what I see? I’ll give you a closer look.


Like, what?! A mysterious Polynesian Easter Island statue in the Bay?

It made me smile as I walked by.





1 thought on “Snap as you stroll”

  1. theres something like that at ucla called undie run. midnight weds of finals week ppl run around in hordes in their underwear


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