What I ate Wednesday – I’m almost 30!

I’ve been out of the loop. It started off with a bad day and then got busy with job hunting, finding a pediatrician who takes Medi-cal, minor health issue, etc. Btw, guess who takes Medi-cal? No one! So there was a lot of back and forth with insurance and talking about our options with our agent – yackity yack yack yack. Boring stuff.

And on the job front? I was offered interviews that were okay but I declined. There was always something I didn’t like about it. I’m being very selective, I know. If I’m going to work full-time plus overtime plus commute, the job position and pay better be worth it. I’m not going to just put my son in daycare and be apart from him without an amazing offer. There are a few things up in the air, so we’ll let them fall as they may. 🙂

And yes, I am 29 years old today. My last year as a 20’s-something. It does feel a bit strange. I never saw myself as 29. 28, yes but not 29. 😉 I still feel 19 sometimes and it doesn’t seem so long ago. It makes you look back on how you’ve lived your life and how you ever got to this age. How the human mind tricks us so. We wake up and go about our day without ever truly thinking about our own mortality. We see our parents steadily growing older and the seasons flashing by whilst never really realizing that we’re getting older too. We’re usually so busy to even see or acknowledge what’s right in front of our noses. Must be more present!

Anyways, I’ll post more updates soon. And now on to the foodums…

Breakfast: Leftover food that Kyle hardly ate but played with.




Lunch: Trader Joe’s chicken and cous-cous salad. Delish!


Snacks: Funfetti Greek yogurt! I remember seeing this online somewhere a few years back.

Mix in a tablespoon of Funfetti mix into a cup of plain Greek yogurt/plain yogurt and voila! Pretty tasty and healthy. Well, healthier than most.


Dinner: Korean black bean sauce noodles with pork.

It was ok but honestly? Nothing so far in the Bay area, when it comes to Korean AND Mexican food, is as good as the food in LA.

We have it so good in LA!



9 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday – I’m almost 30!”

    1. Lots of Vietnamese! My friend who’s a teacher here says there’s a big Vietnamese population in this area because a lot of refugees come here.


      1. Yup. There’s a Vietnamese bus company that drives to the Vietnamese core cities in CA. Sacramento, San Jose, L.A. and OC


  1. Happy Birthday !!! I can’t believe I’m in my late 20s as well, though my parents tell me that I’m still so young and should enjoy this time. So weird.
    Best of luck on the job hunt. And good job being selective. Your time is precious! Esp. as a mommy.


  2. black bean sauce noodles are one of my favorite dishes to eat! yummmm!

    i’m turning 25 this year and I still don’t feel like an adult yet. you’re right about how we don’t think about our own mortality. I swear I lost count of my age after 18.


    1. Me too! I get the black bean sauce noodles over anything else! Although, most Koreanized Chinese food restaurants serve pretty good Kung Pao shrimp too. 😛

      25? You’re still good. 🙂


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