Crab House with Curacao bestie!

My island bestie Shadia came to town! You wouldn’t believe how ecstatic I was to see her! I honestly believe that she was sent to me from God. She is the queen of positivity and was my rock during my troublesome pregnancy. I missed her so. You can bet we were talking up a storm! 🙂

We went to the famous Crab House at Pier 39. Shadia’s mother-in-law read in a article that the Crab House was one of the best seafood eateries in the area and it didn’t disappoint! Our group of 5 plus Kyle was lucky to grab a table so quickly. The line was atrocious! If you are thinking of dining here, do ensure to make a reservation!

We started off with some drinks and bread. I got the Strawberry Mojito. Yum!


Shared the mussels and shrimp with a delicious wine, butter, and garlic sauce. Everyone was sopping the leftover sauce with their bread – it was that good!


Main entree: Crab. This was unbelievably good.


Hi Chris! 😀


Shadia knows my love of taking pictures. Here I am in one for a change!


Standing in front of Alcatraz. Can you tell it was freezing? I’m so glad I decided to bring that blanket with me!



6 thoughts on “Crab House with Curacao bestie!”

    1. Will do if I get another chance!

      Btw, how do I get the PW to view your site? I just realized I wasn’t getting any email notifications about your posts!


      1. Can you view my site if you go to my url? I added you on my list of viewers. Not sure about the email notification thing…


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