Dieting is bad for the soul.

As a summary to my experiences on a slow carb diet, it’s just not my thing. Sorry but I’m not sorry. It’s not me, it’s you. ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t have an allergy to gluten. I thankfully don’t have any food allergies. Slow carb, low carb, no carb, Atkins, Dukan, et al is not for me. My 2nd attempt at slow carb went smoother than my first but I can’t incorporate this lifestyle into my life. I eat bread. I eat carbs. I LOVE BREAD. I can eat toast all day if I wanted to. Without bread, I am deprived and eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. I know a lot of people do this on a daily basis without pause but I normally do not.

Typical eats on a typical day:
Breakfast @ 8AM: 2 pieces of toast with a heavy slather of butter &ย  jam. Coffee with cream.
Lunch @ 1PM: Big salad with nuts and cheese.
Dinner @ 6PM: Meat with rice/pasta/veggies.
Snacks consist of chocolate, small/big serving of ice cream, beef jerky, or whatever I feel or at hand at the moment.

I eat on cue. I eat when I’m hungry. Sometimes I forget and don’t eat for 5-6 hours. Sometimes I snack right after my meals. I think what I’m practicing is moderation but most importantly, I listen to my body. For example, I had gorgonzola cheese on my salad for lunch so for dinner, I take the cheese off of my burger. If I had a light breakfast of fruit and yogurt, my body might crave a nice filling and meaty panini from the deli for lunch. If I went overboard the day before, I try to balance it out by eating a little lighter the next day. I truly think everything is about balance and having bit and pieces of everything.

For me, any type of diet is typically a very bad idea. My body knows its’ being deprived; I start grabbing for anything that can fill the void. I become irrational and unwell. Although, I think this is normally how anyone would behave if they’re on a diet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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