Girls girls girls!

As I mentioned last week, I went to participate in my cousin’s wedding in LA. I was there for only a week but managed to meet up with so many wonderful friends – old and new.

I was able to finally meet up with Kim @ Berlin Bistro in Long Beach! You can click here for that post.

She mentioned that I’m definitely more energetic and talkative than how I present myself on my blog. Hehe. I know. I told her I can be a complete spaz. I guess in person I’m definitely more upbeat? I can go 100 miles an hour and go from one tangent to the next. But the problem is, I lose track of what we’re talking about and I’m like, “Uhhh, what were we talking about?” 😀


I was also able to meet up with Ellie & her beautiful daughter, Selah! Ellie surprised me with delicious goodies from Paris Baguette (My mom and I inhaled everything the moment we got home). Ellie, you are too sweet! I got ya next time. 😉

We had a wonderful little mini date @ Wilson Park in the South Bay. I loved the conversation we shared and feel blessed to have met someone as wonderful as she<3

I just realized I was wearing the same shirt that I wore the day before with Kim. This is embarrassing. But c’mon, you guys do it too, right?! When you’re going to meet with someone else or a different group and know that they’re not going to know that you wore this the day before? Right….?

After I met Ellie, my long time friends from junior high drove down from LA to see me. We went to a Korean bar/restaurant and spent the next 3 hours catching up and imbibing on some Korean soju. My parents were able to watch Kyle so I was able to let down my hair and truly enjoy myself.

Say it: She’s just too cute!


I’m blessed to have such amazing and genuine people in my life.

There are no coincidences – only fate.

Thank you ladies! ❤


6 thoughts on “Girls girls girls!”

      1. Girl, I re wear my jeans so many times before I wash them. hahaha. And use them with different tops too. I probably sound gros snow, lol


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