Santana Row with ms. Connie

Connie and I knew each other from our blogs since early last year…? We were able to meet up in person 2 months ago and have been enjoying 4-5 hour talk fests almost every week! I needed a gal pal in San Jose and I’m so glad she’s here. πŸ˜€

Last Saturday, we decided to mainstream our date with Kyle and head out to Nordstrom Bistro Bazille for a quick bite. The Cilantro lime shrimp salad she suggested was good but her Crab mac ‘n cheese?Β  A no go. I think it was out too long – it was cold and the cheese had started to set! I think we both agreed that we can make a tastier dish. Bazille was fairly packed and I suppose a nice alternative to the crowded and noisy food court but I don’t think I’ll be coming back here. The service was decent but the food was below average at best and the prices were absurd! $14.95 for a shrimp salad?! Get out of here!



We stopped by Lush and breathed in too much soap. Cute idea though. Macaron and carrot shaped bars of soap for ridiculous prices. Why didn’t I think of that?!



Afterwards, we took a nice stroll outside to Santana Row. I love this outdoor mall. It’s a mix of Santa Monica’s Promenade and LA’s The Grove – but way better. The streets are wide and even on a Saturday, it wasn’t crazy crowded like how the The Grove would be at that time of day. I can definitely see myself coming here more often.


We dropped by El Jardin’Tequila Bar and dived into our free chips and salsa (Yelp! goodie). I have fond memories of Dos XX Lager from Curacao so got that to sip on.


Us πŸ™‚



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