Bridesmaid Do’s & Dont’s

After being a bride and a bridesmaid, I think I’m pretty knowledgeable in this area…? 😉

Me and my bridesmaids.


Here are a few tips and tricks I put together for any future bridesmaids:

–  As I mentioned in my previous post, I know you want to stand out but come with neatly trimmed nails. On the day of, do not wear acrylics or have long fingernails. They will get in your way of everything! You want to be able to help tie/button/buckle your bride in her dress and your acrylics will not help you in any way.

–  Be ready to run for your bride! I think I was the only one who was in a wedding before because I was the only one in modest wedges. I love them so much because I can wear them for any occasion and they did not hurt my feet at all! I purposely picked something that would be easy on my feet – wide open toe, moderate height, and a nice buckle to keep me fastened in. The others wore sky-high heels that became painful to walk in. They teetered while I ran around unhindered. I probably helped my bride more than the maid of honor herself. Remember that this day is about your bride – not you!

My cousin was actually the one to help button me up – all 25+ of them!


–  Have a small emergency kit ready (I think they sell a bridal emergency kit online too). In the kit include tissues, cotton swabs, q-tips, bobby pins, safety pins, soft pink lip gloss, setting powder & brush, and a mini sewing kit. Because girrrl, you never know what’s going to go down!

In our case, there were 2 emergencies: 1. our bride’s ruching came undone on her dress and 2. a bridesmaid’s dress imploded on her. She was complaining about being horribly bloated from the meal the night before and how the dress was fitting too tight. Well, half an hour before the ceremony, her zipper decided to pop off. Thankfully, our bride was calm and collected while her wedding coordinator sewed them back in.

– As aforementioned, be careful about what you eat prior to the day. I asked the bridesmaid if she ate anything out of the ordinary. She said not really but that she had avoided salt/sodium for the past week until the day before at the rehearsal dinner. Oh goodness. Isn’t it obvious? Her body just ate all that salt up, of course! Be mindful and don’t do anything out of sync – it will backfire on you!

– Stop disappearing. It’s comforting to the bride if you stick by her side. If you have to leave for the bathroom, run to the car, smoking break, etc, just make sure to tell her or someone beforehand. We had a quite a few instances where one or two groomsmen/bridesmaids weren’t where they were suppose to be. It takes up time and energy to find you when everyone’s running on a tight schedule.

– And do have fun! Enjoy this special occasion with lots of laughs, chats, and pictures. I loved being a bridesmaid! I would love to be one again. 🙂

I hope this post was helpful. If anyone has any other tidbits to share, please feel free to comment!

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