Berlin Bistro with Kim

We are “well-acquainted” blogging friends – 2 years, I think? And we finally got to meet for lunch! Berlin Bistro in Long Beach gave us exceptional service and decent food. The manager came by and told me that they don’t do refills but my server gave me one anyway. Heh heh. As Kim mentioned in her blog, the vibe was hipster-esque with wood tables, airy ceiling space, and a bookstore/reading room in the adjoining room. As a lover of Americanos and books, I can definitely see myself coming here often – if I didn’t live 20 minutes away!



Grilled Chicken Banh Mi

Time went by far too quickly! I love girl time as I’m usually always home alone with Kyle. But alas, after 2 hours we had to leave unless we wanted to get ticketed by the meter maid. But we always have next time! 😋


6 thoughts on “Berlin Bistro with Kim”

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