What I ate Wednesday – This & That

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast with unsalted Irish cream butter + a good book


Lunch: Salad with chicken breast, grape tomatoes, egg, and hard cheese


Snacks: 2 caramel & cashew cookies (not pictured) and one Trader Joe’s mango cream bar.


Dinner: Spicy sausages with parmesan cheese on brown rice + Tabasco!


11 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday – This & That”

  1. Sounds yummy. Interesting dinner. Sorry for late notice but I’ll be around in sj today if you want to meet up for dinner. I’ll be free around 7pm. If that’s too late for you, maybe we can go to a cafe or something. Let me know!


    1. Wish you would have told me earlier! I already have plans tonight 😞😞😞 I’ll be in LA next week for a wedding. Are you available next Thursday? Preferably for lunch or late?


      1. Aww sorry. I kinda told you last week but i didn’t know my schedule for sure. I thought we would be here on a different day lol. Yeah I think I’ll be free. Where in L.A. will you be? I’m in oc and I could meet you halfway but it’s a little too far to go to L.A. on a school night


            1. Sorry I forgot to reply to this. Yeah we can meet in the afternoon. I can meet you after 1pm. An odd hour meal like that is better for traffic anyway. Do you wanna do a late lunch around 1, 1:30?


            2. Where do you want to meet? You can email me (it’s in the comment info of my comments on your blog).


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