Waiting for the red.

As I sat in my car and stared down the unnerving red, I remembered waiting on countless reds as a child. I was in grade school and sitting in the passenger seat. The window was rolled down and the sun was blazing hot. While we were waiting at the light, I remember putting on my mom’s sunglasses and feeling old and super cool. And by old, a grand 18 years old. I heard snickering and saw 2 ladies standing at the crosswalk. I think they were laughing at me; I slithered down further in my seat. I guess I did look rather silly. I took off the sunglasses and let the sun touch my face. I closed my eyes. It was so bright that all I saw was red. Then flashes of orange and black as the green light moved us forward. Nowadays, I don’t get much of a chance to sit in the passenger seat. I’m in the driver’s seat and my passenger is an empty longing for the days when naivety was abundant and wonder aplenty. Trix are for kids, silly rabbit.



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