Pororo for days!

1. This is hard to admit but I like to watch Pororo more than my 7 month old son. I just watched Pororo’s Racing Adventure on YouTube while my son took a nap. 🙂  Pororo is a baby penguin or bird? I don’t even know but it’s the rage in Korea. Take a look see with your little ones. I bet you will both enjoy it. 🙂

2. I have some ranting to do. I live in an apartment complex with a shared washer and dryer. There are 3 of each. When I went to pick up my clothes, I find my dryer opened. My clothes were still wet and I can’t understand why someone would do that. Do they get some kind of stupid sick glee out of someone having to dish out another dollar’s worth of quarters?

3. Another rant is driving on the freeway. There are 2 lanes so you would assume that the left would be for those who wish to drive faster. This car gets in front of me on the left lane and proceeds to go as fast as the car next to it – 60 mph. Huh? I have an inconsolable crying baby in the back –  MOVE!!

4. So, you’re walking on the sidewalk and you see another person walking towards you. You look at the person and then realize you don’t want to be rude and stare so you pretend to be looking straight ahead or the tree that suddenly captured your interest. But as the person comes closer and is a handshake lengths away, you take a last look and realize the other person is doing the same. Have you guys realized this? I’ve been doing this “experiment” for years now and it’s usually on the dot. Awkwardness 101.

5. You must try Trader Joe’s Sweet Bites. They truly are the perfect bite and I can’t decide which I love more – they’re all unique with its’ own taste profile. Ranging from 60-80 calories, they won’t leave you feeling guilty and are reasonably priced at $4 something. Make sure to let them defrost first!



More posts to come this week. Have a great start of the week! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pororo for days!”

      1. Lol I can’t handle more than a few bites of something that’s really sweet. I can eat one nibble of a fun sized candy and be done with my sugar content for the day.


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