Baby Kyle at 7 months

It’s been awhile since Kyle’s last update!

To keep it short, his congenital hypothyroidism seems to be in check and nothing out of the ordinary in that area. Oh and wonderful news: our pediatrician thinks he might just have a transient form and that the hypothyroidism might disappear by his first birthday. Woo hoo!

And milestone-wise?

He’s hitting them or might I say, blazing through them!

He’s eating purees, crawling like a fiend and sitting on his own with glee. His two bottom teeth have protruded which is making sleep time so much easier. He was fighting sleep and waking up so many times throughout the night. I felt like a zombie the past month.

I’m so proud of his achievements and can’t be any happier with his development. His personality is boisterous and loud, outgoing, sociable, and inquisitive about his expanding world. He was just a little squirming blob just a few months ago!









Until next time! More updated to come soon. Have a wonderful week! Bon siman!


18 thoughts on “Baby Kyle at 7 months

  1. Oh wowwww your twin, for sure! 😀 He’s so precious and definitely has that spunky and vivacious demeanor, lol. So glad he’s doing well~I didn’t know you guys had a little scare due to Kyle’s health. ❤


    • Thank you, Ellie! Yes, his health had me so worried since he was first diagnosed at 1 week. I’m hoping it will pass. I hate going in to have his little hands pricked. Their veins are so small that the technician usually has to take several jabs. 😦


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