Do NOT park here.


I head home after grocery shopping and see that someone is parked in my spot. I honk a couple of times and wait for someone to come out and move their car. Nope. There are other spots open but those are reserved for the other tenants. I don’t want to be the douchebag that takes another person’s spot so I park outside my complex. I lug all my groceries home but before I make it home, I jot a note down and stick it on their windshield: “DO NOT PARK HERE. THIS IS NOT YOUR SPOT.”

I guess that car belonged to our apartment manager because 45 minutes later, Paul gets a text message from her: “Thanks for your nice message.”

Bitch, please. No need to get passive-aggressive. How old are you?

The FIRST thing she should have done is to apologize. She knows better. And she’s not our landlord. She doesn’t own this complex. She just oversees the day-to-day requests from the tenants. She’s damn lucky that Kyle wasn’t in the car with me. If so, I would have simply parked right behind her and have her wait for me.

And really? 45 minutes to haul your ass out?

When did common sense become a luxury to have?



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