Body & Mind after Baby: 16 weeks postpartum

It’s been awhile since my last postpartum update. I think my last update was at 3 weeks? Where did the time go? Seriously. Where did it go?!

As mentioned in my last post, I still have 10 pounds to lose from the 42 that I gained during pregnancy. The first 22 came off in the first 2 weeks – 11 in the first 24 hours alone after birth. Then my weight loss hit a plateau for a few weeks until I started incorporating some walking/jogging – another 5 pound loss. Then another 2 pounds. Then another 3. And here I am with the remaining 10. I think I’ll lose it by the 6 month mark.

– My hair has started to shed starting from 13 weeks postpartum. I’m scared. I lose so many strands during my shower and throughout the day. I see a graveyard of strands on the floor and I am dreading what I’m going to look like in another month’s time. Eek. 😦
– My horrible pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome is 95% better. Thank God! I think my bi-weekly electrotherapy sessions, massages and just time helped. I still feel twinges from time to time but nothing I will complain about!
– My stitches ‘down there’ have improved significantly but not 100% back to normal.
– I’ve stopped breastfeeding so my boobs are basically dragging on the floor. Flopping like a fish on the floor. You see it but can’t really help. Bad beats.
– I think my feet widened. I can’t fit into some of my previous size 7’s.
– My hips feel like the screws aren’t bolted in straight. I complained about rickety hips in my weekly pregnancy posts during my 3rd trimester and I’m now dealing with my hips trying to find its’ original place again. It feels more sore now at 16 weeks postpartum then during pregnancy.

“In order to squeeze the watermelon-sized baby through the pelvis, the pelvis needs to widen. Ligaments need to stretch in order to let the pelvis widen. This is all fine and is part of the miracle of life, but Relaxin is non-specific in its targeting of joints to loosen up. It takes effect on all ligaments in the body. This is why many joints feel looser both during and after pregnancy.” (McKay, Tiernan)

Living in a foreign country with no help and no family, I thought I would suffer from postpartum depression or at least have the baby blues. My husband and I were both surprised to see that I was okay.  But as I mentioned in my post about Kyle’s birth, it’s all mental and what worked for me was  – “This isn’t going to be forever. He’s not going to be a newborn again. He’s not going to fit into your lap forever. He’s not going to want you to hold him forever. He’s going to think of you as uncool one day. Just try to take it all in for those days when he’s 16 and possibly raising hell.” 😀

Here I am with clothes. Clothes do a body good. Correction: Good angles do a body good. 😉


And without? Everything else about me looks decent except for my belly. Naturally, I suppose. I always had a little bulge so I’m not too worried. BUT the jiggling jello that is my belly unearths itself when I try to shake my ass to Bubba SparxxxMiss New Booty” and it is NOT CUTE.


I still have my linea nigra. I thought it would have disappeared by now but you can obviously tell that that is not the case. It has lightened up considerably though. If this is the only physical battle scar I receive from pregnancy, I do not mind! I’m still elated that I didn’t get any stretchmarks.


I love his little feet. So cute and chubby… just like mommy’s. 😀



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