What I Ate Wednesday. Slow Carb Diet.

A food related post for a change. I am not impressed with my photos in the least but they will have to do. 😀

I’m eating clean this week to see what this slow carb diet is all about. I have 10 pounds to lose until I hit my pre-pregnancy weight and I wanted to experiment. I know, I know.  It took 40 weeks for me to gain 42 pounds so it would take just as long but my whole office is on this slow carb kick so I thought, “Why not?”

And to tell you the truth, I am an incredibly vain woman who would like to fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans. 🙂 Well, I do fit into them and can button them up but it’s not a pretty sight. I’ll post my postpartum body update this week.

So far, I miss sugar the most but you know what I miss more? Going to the bathroom. I don’t know if a slow carb diet is going to work if I can’t poop! Is it too late for a TMI disclaimer? 😀 But anyways, I’m going back to my regular eating habits next week so no biggie. I’ll do a quick review on my thoughts and my results in another post as well.

Breakfast: Egg whites with black beans, spinach and spicy salsa. I threw in 2 Boca patties today.


Miracle noodles with tofu and veggies sauteed in a soy sauce/almond butter sauce.


Nuts like pistachios and almonds for snacks.


Grilled chicken breast/thigh with veggies for dinner (potatoes and rice not eaten).



7 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday. Slow Carb Diet.”

  1. if you can make veggies taste good with spices or sauces, i dont think youll miss the carbs so much. i try to replace crunchy carbs (like fried stuff) with crunchy veggies like pickled radish, cucumbers, bell peppers and soft carbs (like bread, rice) with lettuce or boiled veggies


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