Last few bites of Korean soul food

What with my first week back at work, I completely forgot to post the last batch of pictures I took in LA. We pretty much stayed home that weekend, so there were lots of homemade food consumed. After seeing these pictures, isn’t it mind-boggling that I didn’t gain any weight?!

10/26/2013 – Saturday

My mom’s homemade pork & kimchi dumplings simmered in a clam base. SO GOOD!


My dad follows the lunar year when it comes to birthdays and brought home a birthday cake for my mom. My mom says he does this every year. How sweet of him. There was nothing left by the end of the night. 😉



10/27/2013 – Sunday

My mom was feigning for something spicy so she whipped us up some spicy fish cakes & udon for lunch. Spicy!!


One of my mother-in-law’s friends bought this monkey rug for Kyle. Isn’t the tail just ridiculous?! We had a few hearty laughs over it.


My mom made us some kimbap for dinner and extras to take with us to the airport. She whips up meals so fast! I don’t know how she does it.

And I want to point out that these are not Japanese sushi rolls. You probably will not find Korean kimbaps at a Japanese restaurant. And they are nothing like California rolls in my opinion. Can you tell it irritates me when people call them sushi? 😛



And the grand finale dinner were spicy Korean chicken & potatoes called Dak-do-ri-tang (닭도리탕). Best way to end the trip! 🙂




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