3 months and counting!

I’m putting up 2 different pictures of Kyle since he seems to look more like Paul in one picture and me in the next. I know his face will continuously change as he grows but it’s just for fun. 🙂  Who does he look like more?

Top: Me @ 4 months.
Bottom: Hubby @ 3 months.


Kyle is 3 months old today! He is officially no longer a newborn but an infant. Every mom says this but seriously – where has the time gone?! My mom says the same to this day. 😉

My world has been a maelstrom of change and the epicenter has been my beautiful baby boy. He’s just the cutest little thing. Paul and I saw a noticeable change and maturation of Kyle during our recent trip to Los Angeles. He’s still a blob but a more defined blob. He babbles, coos and smiles all the time. He smiles more so when we make eye contact with him. I think he might know who I am more than Paul since I’ve been with him practically 24/7.  He’s also suddenly taken a huge interest in his jungle play mat. Just a week ago, he would just look up at the lights with his arms listless at his side. But now? He’s running a muck and batting at them as much as he can! He can’t truly grab at things yet with his fingers but I think it’s coming soon. While in Los Angeles, he created a very distinctive bald spot on the back of his head because he learned to move his head side to side. He moves his head to sound now which is new but sometimes he just swivels his head from side to side for no reason. He must be testing out his new accomplishment. 🙂

His skin complexion has changed. He’s much darker than me now. He gets that from his father.


He’s been doing better with tummy time too. My mom and mother-in-law mentioned how strong his grip, neck and leg muscles are. They think he’s going to crawl in no time. We’ll see about that! Because when I put my hands on his feet he actually pushes off and can propel himself forward. My little man is growing up so fast. When did this happen?! I SWEAR I was right there! 😀


His feet are basically the length of my thumb!



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