Sumo Size Me!

So. 🙂 Kyle’s godmother came over with some treats and she surprised me with my requested taro milk tea boba – but sumo sized it. I laughed my butt off. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously big it was. It had to be bigger than a Starbucks Trenta.


She brought along a bevy of unpictured treats: a cupcake for Paul, a huge dumpling and an infant basketball outfit. I can already tell she’s going to spoil him like no other!

She also brought along a slice of yummy Paradise cake from King’s Hawaiian. I believe the flavors are guava, mango and passion fruit? I saved this so my mom could eat it.




Afterwards, I went to Lee’s Sandwiches for the first time and my oh my was it delicious!



I’d been loving my pork lately so I ordered the #5 – Grilled Pork and it didn’t disappoint! Delicious grilled pork with pickled onions, carrots, jalapenos and cilantro in a perfectly baked white baguette. Perfection. And it was only $3.95!



And more pork for dinner! My mom prepared her delicious ribs and I inhaled 5-6. Mmmmm!



3 thoughts on “Sumo Size Me!”

  1. Yum! How was the taro boba?? I’ve been meaning to try that sometime.
    Love Lee’s Sandwiches 🙂 I actually like their pastries


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