Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013

Paul bought me, my brother and his sister tickets to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor this year. We went on a Thursday so the crowds weren’t as bad as I had imagined. Well, I guess we didn’t have a chance to run into many people or wait in +30 minute lines since Paul also purchased a fast pass for us as well. 😉 But before I delve into my horror-ific night, I would like to say that I had a pleasant day of sushi and a surprise in the mail.

My cousin sent a care package over – and yes! Of course I will. She was a bridesmaid for my October wedding last year and it was comforting to know that she was by my side. We’re only a year apart and basically grew up as sisters. I can’t wait! My first time being a bridesmaid!


For lunch, we headed over to Kura Revolving Sushi Bar and we were in luck – we grabbed the last booth! I was skeptical because I had heard mixed reviews on Yelp! but Paul and I left happy customers. The sushi was fresh and service was impeccable. I would definitely come by again.


I have a horrible habit of not eating the rice at these seemingly all-you-can-eat sushi places. #sorrybutnotsorry


And now back to our night @ the Queen Mary!

We read some reviews that we should park across the way at the Seaquarium for $8 instead of the $20 at the Queen Mary. They even provided a free bus that would take us to the Queen Mary. Who could say no? Obviously us because that is what we did and we regretted it. The free bus didn’t come by very often and being right by the ocean, it was darn cold! I think we waited over an hour for both ways. And by the end of the night, when you’re dead tired from walking for over 6 hours straight and being scared left and right, it’s not fun waiting.

But all in all, the experience was great! Thanks to the fast pass (Fright Pass they called it), we were able to go through all 6 mazes twice. It was $20 extra per person and it was definitely worth it. There was absolutely no line for us. The regular admission folks were definitely giving us the stink eye as we strolled past. 😀
The monsters not only scared you while you were in the maze; they scared you while you were walking, talking and even sitting down to eat. I wasn’t the only one scared as they turned the corner to the bathroom. They definitely gave us the screams in the beginning but we grew accustomed to them by the end of the night.

For those scaredy-cats: My tip is to not appear frightened – especially if you’re going through the maze. They can spot you a mile away if you’re hugging yourself, hugging onto dear life to your husband or hopping from one foot to the next. All from my experience my friends. 😉  It’s hard to do but try to keep your eyes wide open and look out for lurking shadows. And my sister-in-law and I sort of cheated by tagging on to another large group ahead. That way you can hear all their screams and know where to look out for them. Heh.





By the way, the food is obviously and atrociously overpriced so make sure to eat beforehand.


Is there any other color??



There was a funny moment when a couple in front of us were accosted by a monster. She screamed and said, “It’s not fair! It’s so dark! I can’t see anything!” And as they continued to walk, the monster was walking backwards, the monster said to her, “It’s because you’re short.” The boyfriend and the rest of us had a good laugh …because she was short. 😀


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