fall & everything nice

Good morning to you too, Mickey! 😉


Tummy time for baby Kyle. Paul and I are so relieved that his front hair is finally growing in. We joked that we had a Benjamin Button scenario on our hands. 😛



And then of course he grew weary of tummy time and began to fuss.


Look at that mischievous smile! He just wanted to be held by daddy.


We headed out for a bite to eat at Hamilton’s Place Cafe in Torrance. Check it out if you’re in the area! They mostly cater to the employees in the office buildings but I’ve seen many people come through from neighboring areas. I’m assuming this place is a hit because of my wonderful mom who recently took over the establishment (heh heh), the tasty food and unbeatable deals @ $6 or less. If you’re in the area and looking for a quick bite, please stop on by and say Lisa sent you over. 🙂

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and it was delish. The chicken breasts were super moist and quite tasty. I would definitely order this again when I visit. 🙂


The Asian salad sans chicken. Fresh ingredients and the salad dressing is my mom’s own concoction I believe.


As we were leaving, I couldn’t help but take a picture of this: A child’s shoe and other toys splayed about the front seat. I saw this and thought, “Ah. This will probably be me in a couple of months.” 😀


Went for another walk to Wilson Park with Kyle. It was a bit too windy so I had to sadly block Kyle’s view with a swaddle.


Fall is my favorite season. I love the slight crisp in the air, bleeding of the leaves and the need for cute boots and coat. Fall reminds me of back-to-school shopping and the long awaited arrival of new clothes. There was a hurried excitement in the air and I was always eager for school to start. Well, not until I hit high school. I think at that age, most teenagers want their summers to last forever. 😉

And no that is not a random rock you see there.


It’s a camouflage for some wiring/mechanics (I spelled camouflage correctly this time). It’s the little things.


I stopped by Michael’s for a few things and spotted this while I waiting in line. There are those days where this is necessary!


Dinner was a spicy buffalo wrap from my mom’s cafe. So good! No wonder this is so popular with the regulars.


And some fried octopus and onion pancakes. Everything my mom makes is spot on. I just wish I had that same touch! I usually just make a mess… 😦


Random selfie shot. By the way, that black eyeliner rimming my eyes? Had to return it after one use. Hated it! Oh yeah, that reminds me. I’ll do a detailed review on my Sephora haul soon.



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