Batty for Korean

I am usually embarrassingly corny or embarrassingly lame. And with that, this post is basically about Korean food and going to the batting cages. I guess I can be both. πŸ˜‰

After our Korean feast the night before, we all woke up to my father-in-law’s infamous breakfast burritos and homemade hash browns. So good! I could eat this everyday.


With our bellies full, we said our goodbye’s to Paul’s family and headed down to my parents’ dwelling in the South Bay. I surprised my mom with some Korean rice cakes (λ–‘) that I picked up from the Korean supermarket.

I love Korean rice cakes. They all vary from sweetness, firmness and texture – and I love them all!



I think Tazo makes my all-time favorite drinks. My mom remembered and had them stocked in the fridge.


My mom’s old school. Drying persimmons by her kitchen window. I love seeing touches of my mom all over the house. She is where my home is<3



Went for a leisurely stroll around Wilson Park…


… and came face to face with a furry little friend. Great camouflage. (I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t spell this correctly. D’oh!)


A man was handing these pamphlets out. Umm… I think the answer is pretty obvious.


My mom suggested that we try out the batting cages at Wilson Park so I dragged my brother and Paul to it. I literally dragged them because they were physically glued to their computer. League of Legends. Let’s just say that many an argument was fought due to this addictive game. I obviously don’t get the nature of this game because I generally don’t have an affinity towards gaming but that is not the case for my dear husband. Grr.

Anyways, I’ve always passed by the batting cages but never found the time to go. I would definitely suggest it to anyone. It’s definitely a stress reliever. And at only $1 for 12 balls and free bat rentals – why the hell not? Oops. I mean why the heavens not? The balls will be coming at you at 60 mph so ensure to wear some protective gloves. All our hands were stinging by our 2nd time up for bat.



Minnie came to cheer us on. Obviously. πŸ™‚


Our night ended with my dad awing over Kyle in his makeshift couch bed. I love this.


Uhhh I just realized that there were no actual Korean meals shown…. Syke? πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “Batty for Korean”

    1. You’ve never tried them?! You must! If you like mochi, you’ll like Korean rice cakes. It tastes similar to mochi but Korean rice cakes have more variety to them. Try them and let me know. You can find them at almost any Korean supermarket.


      1. Great! Now I just have to find a Korean supermarket around here. Which shouldn’t be too hard actually. My favorite mochi is definitely the ice-cream filled kind πŸ˜›


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