Dear Diary #1 – Being a mom is hard.

엄마가되는 일이 이렇께 힘들고 마음이 아플찌 몰았다.

오늘 애기 손톱 짤르다 모르게 살을짤았다. 피가 나면서 아가야가 무척 울었다.

그 순간 만큼에는 네가 너무 싫었다. 왜 나는 자꾸만 우리 아가야를 아프게할까?

실수를 너무 자주 만드는것 같아서 마음이 무겁고 지친다.

엄마가 너무 미안해. 부족한 엄마를 용소해줘.


I didn’t know being a mother was going to be this difficult and heartbreaking.

Today, as I was cutting his nails, I accidentally cut his skin. There was blood and he cried a lot.

At that moment, I hated myself so much. Why am I constantly hurting my child?

I feel like I’m making too many mistakes and my heart is heavy and exhausted.

Mom is so sorry. Please forgive me.


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