Our 1 year wedding anniversary

Time flies but it truly goes at warp speed when one falls pregnant during one’s honeymoon thereafter. 😉 And now we’re here a year later with our little man. I’m abuzz with what this next year will bring. Many changes in the works. Will come clean soon. 🙂

As for our anniversary, the day started off with a surprise delivery!

He always remembers to send me flowers on special occasions. Cuddly bear and chocolates to boot.

Then we headed off to Saks Fifth Avenue near Rodeo Drive. It’s a little over the top for a 1st wedding anniversary gift but I’m not complaining! 😀 It matches the push present my father-in-law bought for me. I know. I’m getting spoiled.



It was past 2PM and we were starving. A Capriotti’s just happened to be across from Saks so we happily trekked over for a quick bite.


The Bobbie. I’m assuming this was named after Bobby Flay?


We had dinner reservations so we shared a Bobbie. It was delicious. A must try!


After a few hours of lounging around at my in-laws, we got ready and headed out for our anniversary dinner at Tom Colicchio’s, Craft.



Oh my. Was this a treat. One of my best restaurant experiences. Everything from the food, service and ambiance was beautiful. I would eat here again in a heartbeat. I reserved a few weeks prior via OpenTable and mentioned in the notes section that it would be for our anniversary dinner. They printed out our own set of menus and handed it to us at the end of our meal as a keepsake. And it seemed as if every wait staff was told of our anniversary. We felt like rock stars. 🙂

Complimentary salmon amous-buche. A little salty but good.


Ricotta Cavatelli with Wild Mushrooms. Spot on.


Roasted and braised Pork Belly and Pickled Dates. Holy moly this was hands down, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. The outside is a bit crunchy and the meat is super tender. There is a bit of cilantro that surprisingly rounds out all the flavors on the plate. Every component of this dish was clearly and thoroughly thought out. I can’t stop raving about this pork belly!


Then we shared an amazing entree: 24 oz dry-aged ribeye with hen of the woods mushrooms and an autumn squash risotto. The risotto was too sweet for our liking but good none the same. The mushrooms were meaty, savory and truly amazing. We couldn’t believe mushrooms could taste like this.

And of course, the rib eye. The rib eye was cooked to perfection. We asked for medium-rare and unlike other restaurants where blood is still oozing, this fine piece of meat was delicately sitting on a wonderful beef jus with no blood in sight. Paul and I fought over the last bite! 😀


It was our first time eating marrow. It was much too rich for our taste buds. Maybe we’ll try again next time.


Did we have room for dessert? Of course!
We ordered a trio of ice cream: coffee bean, vanilla bean and sweet bourbon. And a free mini chocolate cake! Yum!


Hi cutie.


Then they also brought more complimentary desserts!


And then another complimentary bag of homemade granola for the road. Wow.


Thank you, @CraftLA! We had the best dining experience to date.

7 thoughts on “Our 1 year wedding anniversary”

  1. Wowww, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! And omgnesss this food looks to die for. I’ve never heard of Craft but now you really have me craving it through your pictures and description. I must try it soon, eeeeek! 😀


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