Jaragua & Korean = Delicious

Edit: I’ve been using my WordPress app since my arrival in LA and I didn’t know the pictures were going to be this small 😦 Β I didn’t bring my laptop with me and I thought the ‘medium’ sized pictures would suffice. I should have double checked. Bleh. I’ll make sure to post with the correct size in my future posts.

As promised, our Tuesday recap:

We started the day off running errands and combating with local LA traffic. Never a day without the hustle and bustle in LA! It’s only quiet when there’s some huge sports game going on (Lakers; Dodgers). You’ll find everyone and their mothers at your nearest sports bar. πŸ˜€

For lunch, we headed off to Jaragua. I forgot who mentioned this restaurant but the food and service was top-notch. If you like pupusas or Salvadorean food, you won’t regret trying this place.


They are known for their pupusas and we greedily ate our share. Paul and I agreed that the Revuelta con Todo pupusas were the best. They are pupusas filled with cheese, refried beans and pork. Paul ordered a tamale but it was nowhere as good as the pupusa. We also got the rib eye steak that I practically inhaled by myself. I’ve been feigning meat lately for some reason.

Kyle was there too. πŸ˜‰


And this spicy cabbage concoction is a MUST. It cuts through the heavy cheese, meat and dough – I wish I can make it at home.


After our delicious meal, we had to stop ourselves from snacking until dinner time because my father-in-law was taking us out for dinner and drinks. Well, mostly to watch the Dodgers game :D. My mother-in-law said she would take care of Kyle and that I should go and enjoy myself. She’s been so amazing to me<3

Psy is the official spokesperson for Chamisul soju.


두뢀 κΉ€μΉ˜ (Spicy pork, kimchi and tofu)


Thinly sliced roast beef with fresh veggies.


Korean-style fried wings.


Fried sweet potato strings coated with powdered sugar. This is the best μ•ˆμ£Ό (side dish) when imbibing in alcohol. We had to ask for a refill. πŸ™‚


Oh, and this is how we Koreans “flavor” our soju with lemon. You ask the waitress for a whole lemon and you stick the cap from the soju into one end. You stick it in deep and start twisting until the end of the lemon comes off. Then you squeeze the lemon juice into your already poured shot glass. And make sure to squeeze or roll the hell out of the lemon before you twist the end off. You want the juices to be flowing, right? πŸ˜‰


They lost but we got to eat for free! My father-in-law bumped into his friend at the restaurant and he surprised us by paying for our tab! Should I mention though that my dad used to do this too back in the day? He would promptly get yelled at by my mom when she got the credit card statement in the mail. πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Jaragua & Korean = Delicious”

  1. drooolllllllll so much good food, Lisa! And yayyyyyy, thank you so so much for posting about Jaragua. I’ve been looking high and low for really good Salvadorean restaurants since they’re not as common as other hispanic cuisines. I love pupusa and only tried it once, but I haven’t been able to forget the amazing taste. πŸ˜› Hope you’re doing well, and enjoy your time here!!!


    1. You’re welcome, Miss Ellie! πŸ™‚

      I just came back from the Tuesday farmers market with Kyle after I saw your recent post. πŸ™‚ I agree with you about the prices tho. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a bargain but a $3 plain iced black coffee is not. 😦


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