Sandwiches + Pie with a side of Milk

I’m a few days behind but here’s a recap of our eating adventures on Monday:

Our family of three headed out with the stroller for the first time – to Beverly Center in Beverly Hills no less! I grew up going to the Beverly Center with my mom so it’s definitely a part of home. 🙂

I missed shopping! Internet shopping just isn’t the same. :(. I went a little nuts at Sephora and Victoria’s Secret… 😛 I’ve already tried out all the products and plan to return a few. Should I do a review on them?

He got me bras and matching panties. What a great hubby. 😀

He got a few things for himself.


A late lunch at Simplethings Sandwich + Pie Shop. I’ll be putting up reviews of our food adventures on my Yelp! account at a later time – so, stay tuned!


Kyle was such a good baby the whole way through!

My hubby loves chicken pot pies so I suggested the free-range chicken pot pie. Holy moly. It was legit. Must try!

I got the Thanskgiving sandwich. My favorite part was the ultra soft bread. The stuffing was a bit overpowering for my taste.

We split the mini Banoffea cutie pie. It was ok but nothing like what the reviews were raving about.


That small dessert was obviously not enough, so we headed over to Milk for their macaroon ice cream sandwiches. How could we not?

So good! I love vanilla and my sandwich was happily eaten in mere minutes. Hubby agreed that the vanilla was better than the mint. He complained that I only offered him one bite. There’s always next time, I say! 😉

And with that said, more to come soon. Happy hump day!


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