Fun weekend eats in LA

My weekend was full of family, food and love. What more can a gal ask for?

I bought Paris Baguette pastries and Starbucks for breakfast. I missed my Korean pastries most terribly.

Cronut on top. Obviously, it’s not the original Cronut from New York but it was ok. Too much hype maybe?

Paul enjoyed it.20131014-072143.jpg

After being disappointed with the Dodgers loss to the Cardinals (0-2), Paul’s family and our family of three headed off to Upland for some yummy Argentinian BBQ. Paul’s mom grew up in Argentina, so she knows her BBQ. Best I’ve had! And the fire-roasted sweet potato for dessert was the perfect way to end the night.

I also had my first taste of alcohol since I gave birth to Kyle and I’m surprised to how much I didn’t miss it.








I thought I stuffed myself silly but I awoke to find myself half a pound lighter. The Atkins effect? Even though I’ve been having my fill of carb-laden treats? I’m not complaining but it’s just plain weird!

Anyways, the next morning, Kyle woke up with a stuffy nose so I jetted over to the nearest CVS for a nasal aspirator. It’s so dry in LA that his boogers are getting stuck. Thank goodness he’s not sick! I’m always worried about him getting sick what with the traveling, change in climate and being bombarded with new visitors everyday.

I spotted some Halloween chocolate goodies and gummy bears at CVS… of course I had to grab some! 🙂 They ended up becoming my breakfast. Not a healthy choice but… yeah. I got nothing.

My father-in-law bought us freshly made chicken empanadas for lunch! Flaky, soft and gooey. Mmmmm!


Dinner was a slice of Costco pizza. I could have gone to The Grove to watch Gravity with Paul and my sister-in-law but I opted to stay home with Kyle and the in-laws. I was too tired from all the recent travels and running abouts.

Tummy time with Kyle last night. He’s growing up before my very eyes!



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