Caffe Concerto for 2.5

Kyle finally met his Godmother (my maid of honor) today!


He tried to cop a feel.


We caught up with each other as much as we could but alas, two hours were not enough. We could talk for hours on end if we could. Love her dearly.

We met up at Caffe Concerto – Wilshire/Ktown area and I was impressed with everything besides the parking. You can look for street parking but it’s all metered and hard to find. I think valet was $2.

I love the decor, atmosphere, food and their service. Service was exceptional. Staff was warm, friendly and helpful. I will definitely be dining here again.


Their macaroons are divine. Grace recommended the Earl grey and it’s easily my favorite – it tastes like the Fruity Pebbles cereal! Please try them.



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