Home is where the heart is.

Our family of 3 arrived in LA last night and boy were are we beat! Traveling +12 hours with an infant is not an easy task. We were exhausted but Kyle was probably beat as well. My poor baby was so tired and fussy from his first trip that I’m already dreading our flight back. 😥 I had dozens of questions and concerns about traveling with a baby so I’ll make sure to post up an informative post about babies and air travel in a future post.

My mom and my brother picked us up from LAX; we promptly feasted on my mom’s fabulous cooking of spicy Korean soup, donkatsu and leftover chocolate cake from Kings Hawaiian. I’m not embarrassed to say that I ate most of the cake with the plastic knife that came with the cake… My husband says that I never cease to amaze him. 😙

My husband knocked out in his clothes right after dinner while I took a much needed shower. I was going to join him until my mom lugged out all the Hautelook clothes and deliveries that came for me since my last visit in April. I was wide awake and happily tearing through all the goodies. I ended up sleeping hours later. Oops.

And as for today, we ran some errands and had us some delicious In ‘n Out for lunch. Mmmmmmmm! And a mochi ice cream and 3 chocolate treats right after. Oh yeah, I didn’t bring my camera on this trip so my iPhone pics will have to do. For now, here are a few pictures from the last two days:


#shameless #selfie #notsorry #usinghashtagsincorrectly20131009-153422.jpg

I’ve missed you LA – warts and all.


5 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is.”

      1. Oh that’s cool. Hey if you have time, we could possibly meet up. I don’t live in L.A.anymore but I’ll be taking a few days off to play later this month. Let me know! 🙂


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