Kyle is 2 months old today!

It’s been 2 months since I gave birth to my little man. And like every mom out there would say – where has the time gone? The days are a blur and by the time I look up, it’s 3PM. I will never be bored again. 😉

I’ll put up my 2 month postpartum update in another post soon. But for now, all eyes on Kyle!



I don’t know about milestones but some of the things I’ve noticed:

– At his 8 week doctor’s visit, he’s grown an inch (forgot the measurements) and weighed in at 11 pounds. My husband thought he was overweight (men….) but the doctor said he was right on track. I busted out the, “I told you so!” I can’t imagine a newborn being overweight at this age. PUH-LEASE. 😛

– He also got his first round of vaccinations. I think he got 5 or 7 but they were all given in 2 shots and the Polio was via oral droplets. It wasn’t too bad. My husband held him and of course he screamed for a few minutes but he was perfectly fine again right after. I made sure to give him some prescribed medicine for his slight fever after the shots. He’s doing swell and I don’t see any changes in him that would cause alarm. I know there’s a lot of controversy over vaccinations but I don’t have a problem vaccinating my child. However, I do plan on delaying his follow-up shots by a month or so. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable having him bombarded by all these shots so close together.

– He’s able to lift his head/trunk up longer during tummy time. And when we hold him, he stiffens his neck up so he gets a better view of everything.

– I think he recognizes us. Perhaps me a little better. He smiles every time he sees me. Maybe it’s because I’m always smiling at him and it’s a mirror effect? I don’t know but I love seeing him smile more often. 😀

– He makes noises now and its’ the cutest thing ever. It’s not considered babbling yet I think but I think we’re going to be hearing more of it soon!

– His newborn hair had all fallen out in the front last month but thankfully grew back this month. I didn’t like seeing him look like a 70-year old man!

– He’s trying to fit his entire fist into his mouth for the last 2 weeks or so. He hasn’t found his thumb yet I’m assuming.

– His eyes are definitely more alert than last month. He concentrates on all the paintings we have and the shapes on our drapes and couch. He looks amazed.

– He is DEFINITELY teething. I was wondering why he was being extra fussy last week and come to find out, he already has an incisor budding out!! This is way too fast! It looks like a little white cap and I see another one coming out right behind it. But it looks like a molar judging by the position. Aren’t his top an bottom front teeth suppose to come out first?! And I see other areas on his gums that seem a bit red and irritated. Poor baby! That’s probably why he’s always trying to put his entire fist into his mouth.

– His left eye is always watery and filled with eye boogers by the time he gets up in the morning. The pediatrician says its’ normal for some babies to not have matured eye ducts yet and that its’ normal. She says I can try massaging that area but that it will usually clear up in a few months or so. I hope that’s the case because I’m wiping that area more than 10 times a day.

– Besides crying out for an occasional feeding, he’s been so good at night. He sleeps throughout the night without much fuss and I’m so grateful! I’ve been getting such good sleep for the past month that I feel guilty for all the rest I’ve been getting. My friend has a 1 month old who is very colicky and keeps her up all night. She doesn’t know what to do and I feel for her.



Until next time. Bye, guys! 😉


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