10 things I do NOT miss about the 3rd trimester

I only suffered a few weeks of morning sickness in my first trimester and nothing much for the second – but the last trimester was quite the experience. Here are a few things I do NOT miss:

1. I can sleep on my stomach without having my belly in the way. Well, I guess now my ginormous boobs are in the way but… you know where I’m going with this! 😉

2. I can stretch as hard as I want without worrying about pulling a muscle. I kept getting charley-horse cramps so I wasn’t able to stretch for months. It’s the little things.

3. No fatigue. Even with a newborn, pregnancy fatigue was far worse for me. Even though I’m barely getting by on sleep these days, I do not miss those 3 hour marathon naps that would overtake me on a whim.

4. I can run errands for hours in this Caribbean heat without feeling winded.

5. I don’t have to worry about my belly bumping into things or knocking things over.

6. I don’t get those “Wow. You are damn huge!” stares anymore.

7. No more daily worries about getting stretchmarks. Thankfully, I didn’t get any. Woohoo!

8. No more worries about increasing weight gain and wondering when it will ever stop! I gained roughly 42 pounds…

9. I pretty much suffered from Braxton-Hicks contractions since my 2nd trimester but they became quite painful as I neared the finish line. It was difficult to sit without my belly getting rock hard. I do NOT miss this.

10. Now I have a new host of newborn worries of, “Is he eating enough? Eating too much? Does he feel warm? What’s that gurgling noise he’s making? Why does he scream every time he farts? Should I change his diaper before or after his feeding?” However, at least he’s out and in my arms. 🙂 I can see him, feel him and love him with every fiber of my being! When he was in my belly, I was always worried about something going wrong or him getting tangled in his umbilical cord. No more of that!


7 thoughts on “10 things I do NOT miss about the 3rd trimester”

      1. Omgoodnessss I tooootally agree with you on that!!!! Although I do remember that it was super painful, I still don’t remember how it all felt exactly…which is truly odd! Haha. And I can’t believe how Kyle is now. He is sooooo cute, and is it fair to say that he looks like the spitting image of you? ps: It’s so alarming whenever Selah makes weird noises. And I’m not sure if you mentioned this before, but does Kyle have colic-type issues? It’s very common and I’m wondering if that’s his reason for crying when he passes gas. I know that for Selah dairy was a bit of a problem for a few weeks. But now she’s perfectly fine! Hope you’re doing well girl!


        1. Thank you, Ellie! 🙂

          I don’t think he has colic but does get fussy when he’s tired or gassy I think. I’m going to try out the no-dairy bit. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks!


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