Random quirks about yours truly


1. Am I the only one that still holds my breath whenever I go through a tunnel?

2. I’m driving and I see something up ahead. It might be roadkill. It might not be roadkill. It’s usually 50/50. I hate seeing roadkill but WHY do I always quickly glance at it at the last second?!

3. Whenever my husband and I happen to hear our newborn son poop in his pants, one of us always calls out, “Not it.” We are 28 years old.

4. I don’t have OCD but I like/have to uniformly line up the bottles of water and diet coke in my fridge. I like seeing them in 2 straight lines.

5. I love gummy bears but hate gummy worms. Go figure.

6. My husband says I have perfected the blank stare that all dogs are capable of. I think he thinks it’s cute. Weirdo.

7. I have a fear/disgust/aversion of many small holes clustered together.

8. I hate it when people use the word ‘glorious.’ It irritates me for some reason.

9. I have a small Korean alarm clock that I bought for my first year of college. He’s followed me to 2 LA homes, college dorm, 2 separate college apartment dwellings and 3 separate apartments in the Caribbean. He’s a popular Korean cartoon character called Jjang goo (짱ꡬ). He has his pants down and shows off his peen. His peen lights up when the alarm goes off. I still find it hilarious.

10. I majored in Political Science but thoroughly enjoyed Astronomy the most. I read up about the cosmos for fun. Who does that?


8 thoughts on “Random quirks about yours truly”

  1. Hahha I do the roadkill last second glance too :P. I always get sooooo sad and then I look at the last minute and make myself even sadder.


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