Newborn baby thyroid issues

In Curacao it is mandatory that all newborns register with the government and get a myriad of tests done within the first 5 days. I don’t know what happens if you don’t and I don’t care to know since we got all of that out of the way. 😉  So within the first 5 days, we registered him at the government office, got his hearing test (he passed!), had his blood drawn (they do a routine blood check for all newborns) and went in for his first visit to his pediatrician.

When we went to see his pediatrician, she told us right away that his blood work came in for a lazy thyroid. She says to think of this situation as an employee (thyroid) and his boss (brain). The employee is doing a good job but the employer thinks that the employee isn’t pulling enough weight. The boss thinks he’s slacking off so he keeps telling him to work harder. So for some reason, Kyle’s brain think his thyroid isn’t doing enough when the tests tell us otherwise. Something is telling his brain to keep nudging the thyroid and make the thyroid work harder.

Our pediatrician held him, looked him over and said that he doesn’t have the typical signs or symptoms of a baby with this condition. She says they normally don’t move around much, they’re underweight and pale and usually have to be waken up to eat. Kyle had none of those issues and she could visibly see that. She said that perhaps it’s because he had his blood drawn too soon and that we needed to give his thyroid levels some time to come down after delivery. She said to get his blood drawn again in a week and hopefully, the tests would come back normal.

*Note: Paul and I weren’t aghast or upset of having his little arms and legs pricked with needles. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because his cries at the lab were the same as when he gets his diaper changed or when he’s given a bath. 😉

The 2nd batch of tests still came back abnormal so we started him on a thyroid medication called Eutirox or Euthyrox. Before his 7-8AM feeding, I simply give him 1ML and that’s pretty much it.

What makes, eutirox so much powerful and effective hypothyroidism treatment drug over other hypothyroid medications is the active ingredient, sodium l-thyroxine present in eutirox medicine for hypothyroidism. The chemical structure of sodium l-thyroxine is such that it resembles human thyroid hormones identically and thus gets efficiently absorbed by the thyroid gland without any sign of discomfort or repulsion.
This easy and better absorption of levothyroxin effectively replaces the missing or lost thyroid hormones thus restoring normal thyroid function and finally normal metabolic function, thus treating and healing all the discomforts and painful symptoms of hypothyroidism such as weight gain, brittle bones, difficulty concentrating, depression, constant fatigue, hair loss, dry skin etc. (healthylivingsmartliving)
We didn’t notice a big difference in his behavior. It could just be me but perhaps he seemed a bit more alert? Or this could just be normal growth and changes in a newborn? Who knows but when we got his blood drawn again 10 days later to check his condition, his tests came back normal. So we’re assuming that this medication is working. I hope this isn’t a permanent condition for Kyle. I’ve read that most babies with this condition have to take this for the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, I’m glad that our pediatrician picked this out and was able to address this condition early on. I’ll update his condition in a later post.

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