Happy 1 month, Kyle! + Teething already!


Kyle is officially 1 month old today and I can’t believe how much he has grown. There’s always something new everyday whether it be bad or good. Projectile diarrhea anyone? No? 😀

He’s been doing this from the first week but he’s pretty much wanting to hold his neck up all the time and be vertical like the rest of us. He still bobbles his head but he’s pretty much erecting his head every time he’s held or when he’s put down for tummy time.

We started tummy time as soon as his umbilical stump fell off – which was the beginning of the second week. He’s fine with tummy time for the first minute or two but starts fussing when he realizes he’s tired. I also put him down on his tummy during his naps because I think it helps with his gas. It also helps with his startle reflex during sleep. And don’t worry – these tummy naps are always supervised. 🙂


I’m lucky that Kyle’s such a great eater. He must get it from his parents. He wants to eat regularly every 3 hours or so and has never given us trouble with feedings. Thank goodness!

Oh yeah and he’s already teething! Isn’t that amazing? During one of his crying fits last week, we realized that there were 2 small dots on his lower gums. We at first thought they were milk residue but after wiping it down with a washcloth and feeling the prickly little growths, we realized his teeth were coming in. Maybe that’s why he was extra fussy? I learned that they might not actually come in until the 3rd month but still! Everyone’s been saying how he’s so advanced already. Not too fast now, little one. 😀


2 thoughts on “Happy 1 month, Kyle! + Teething already!”

  1. I tried to congratulate you guys before and I couldn’t leave a comment for some reason!!! 😦 but, congratulations Lisa, so happy for you, eeeeeek!! I love hearing stories and updates on other babies because it’s crazy how every one of them is different. And i can’t believe he’s teething….oh man, babies these days develop fast!


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