Pros and Cons of shopping @ Hautelook

Note: You can click on my referral logo above to sign up. And no, I am not being paid for this nor am I affiliated to this site. I would get a $10 credit so yeah, that would be nice. 😀

I call myself an avid Hautelook shopper because this is now the only site I purchase my clothes from. Since I live in a remote Caribbean island and the clothes here are either poorly made and/or unbelievably expensive, most of my shopping is done online. Since I visit LA every so often, I just get everything shipped to my parents house and have a field day trying everything on. 😀

I’ve dabbled in American Eagle Outfitters, Express, Macy’s, Nordstroms, OpenSky, Zara, Foreign Exchange, Bluefly and hordes of other discount online sites but after some trial and error, I’ve primarily stuck to Hautelook or American Eagle Outfitters – but mostly Hautelook.

Why? Because the clothes/bags/shoes/home goods/baby clothes/etc at Hautelook are heavily discounted and after some quick rifling, I usually have 1 or 2 good picks ready for checkout. I say quick rifling because all the events/sales go online at 8AM PST so that everyone has a fair chance at the goodies. It’s a free-for-all and the good picks are gone in less than a minute! For example, as expected, the rare event for vintage Louis Vintage/Chanel/etc bags were gone in a flash! I missed out! 😦


  • All the items featured are diverse. I’ve purchased clothes for my 20 year old brother, a jacket for my 60 year old father, cute baby clothes for Kyle and fun snow hats as Christmas presents for my bridesmaids. 🙂
  • I’ve had absolutely no issues with shipping or receiving damaged/incorrect goods. They ship when they say they will and if not, they make sure to let you know with a refund and credit.
  • Hautelook showcases designers and stores that I never heard of before or designers and stores that I would never be able to purchase from directly due to the hefty asking price. Most of the discounts they offer are very generous.


  • The quality of your purchase might not necessarily be up to par. From my experience, I would say 70/30 ratio to receiving what you were expecting. Not too bad but it’s still annoying when you receive something completely sub-par. There were 2 instances where I had to go back to my invoice and make sure that they sent me the correct garment. They did but it was NOT like the picture. Boo.
  • In addition to the above, Hautelook is great because they display the measurements and sizes of the model pictured BUT it might still not necessarily fit you. But I think this is an issue that everyone deals with whether they go shopping in the stores or online. It might look good in the picture but you might not necessarily own a set of sky high legs like Giselle, the long torso of Giselle or… look like Giselle. 😉
  • The shipping costs might be a bit high. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it depends on what state the goods are delivered to? Like for California and New York, I think it’s a bit higher? Due to this, I usually don’t buy anything unless I have at least 2 things in checkout. 😀

But overall, I’m still an avid shopper of Hautelook. There are plenty of days I don’t purchase anything since I love browsing – “window shopping.” Here are a few dresses I purchased and love. 🙂

My favorite buy so far: Pink lacy thigh-high dress with a cut-out back. I also wore this to my bachelorette party in Vegas.


You can’t really tell but this is a sheer black with bottom orange trim dress that I wore to an elegant honeymoon dinner in Rome.


Flirty layered green and blue dress that I wore for my engagement photos.




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