My weekend eats


I started off my Saturday morning with my favorite: DONUTS! This is probably the worst way to start off your day though… 😀 I think I prefer donuts over cupcakes but not necessarily over cakes. I see a cupcake as a smaller cut of cake. Why have a cupcake when I can have a larger slice of cake?! Well, that’s my reasoning anyway. 🙂


One of my favorite donuts has to be a custard filling. MmMmmmmmm…

ImageYou can see that I attempted to be healthier with this 6” Subway chicken breast sandwich. I always get my Subway sandwiches the same way: cheese, all veggies except for pickles and mustard only. No dressing.


My snack was a blueberry Greek yogurt with a full banana. I don’t like the fruit on the bottom yogurts but bought them on accident. I just ate around the fruit on the bottom.


And then had a meaner sandwich with this “hamburger” my husband concocted for dinner. It was delicious! 🙂




Sunday breakfast consisted of a muesli mixture of dried bananas, hazelnuts shavings and raisins. I don’t think many Americans are aware of muesli but it’s just rolled oats with toppings mixed in. I had mine with unsweetened almond milk.



Lunch was scrambled eggs with cheese on toast with jam (perfect mix of savory and sweet by the way!) and half a peanut butter and jam sandwich. I gave the other half to the hubby.


I had an apple and a yummy crispy chocolate bite as a snack. I am LOVING chocolate/sweets lately. So bad…. but so good…….


Sunday dinner was a small taste of home: Korean BBQ with homemade seaweed soup. It was the perfect ending to the weekend. 🙂




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