Farewell, Peter.

You passed away yesterday. I found out via Facebook through other people’s posts. We dated or were “seeing” each other a few years ago for a month or so. You were a bad boy that was “seeing” me and a few other girls at the same time. You’re also the first person who took me to a fancy shmancy restaurant, Lawry’s for my 24th birthday. I was drawn into your infectious humor, flirtatious manner and boyish grins. I think your heart was in the right place for most of the time but as a bad boy, you couldn’t help yourself. But most importantly, I have to thank you because no matter how much I despised you for being a prick, you were the person who made me reassess my life’s priorities. You made me realize that I don’t need bad men like you and that if I’m myself through and through, I will eventually find my better half.

My hard feelings towards you has been washed clean. I have a heaviness in my chest and I am truly sorry that you are no longer here. I know that you are the only child and I can only imagine how devastated your parents are. No matter how much of a bad boy you were, I know you were a good friend to many of your peers. You will be sorely missed by many and I just pray that you are at peace.


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