I’m grounded but mostly floored.

Am I grounded? Figuratively? Yes.

I was told by my doctor to stop working immediately. She tells me that I have a sensitive uterus and that work is the probable reason to why I’m suffering from rock-hard Braxton-Hicks contractions. They usually start within the 2nd hour of work and will not let up until I lie down. My lower back starts to ache, headaches return with a vengeance and I can’t even sit properly without being completely miserable and feeling like a sad bag of rocks.

I told her that I couldn’t stop working entirely. I would be bored out of my mind! I have about 5 weeks left and I can’t imagine what I’m going to do with my time. I said I would prefer to work from home. I talked to my boss and HR today and I think I’ll be able to receive remote access starting Monday.

Why am I floored?
3 reasons:

1.  I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist but I’m giving birth at a Seventh Day Adventist hospital because they are known for their birthing center here. Get this: They only serve vegetarian food, don’t perform c-sections nor do they provide EPIDURALS. HOLY CRAP. I was planning on asking for an epidural so this definitely changes things.

So…. I guess I’m having an all-natural birth! If this is God’s will and this is what He has intended for me, I am not concerned. From my short 28 years of life, I have learned that you just have to have faith. There is no point worrying about things that are out of your control. It makes life a little easier. 🙂

2.  My husband insisted and argued with me today because of the following (don’t mind the Girls Next Door DVD):

Donald Duck diaper bag. I am not joking. I kept asking him, “Are you being serious or are you trying to be funny?” He was being serious. It was over a $100! I kept telling him to buy the cheaper and larger blue diaper bag that was roomier but he kept toting that Donald Duck bag around the entire store. OMG. He gave me all these reasons as to why his was better: there were more cool compartments, it came with a diaper changing pad, it was more manly and that it was DONALD DUCK. I finally relented. You’ve gotta pick your battles.

3.  I love this! Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor but its’ becoming my all-around favorite scent.



5 thoughts on “I’m grounded but mostly floored.”

  1. wowww omgsh Lisa! I’ll be praying for you DILIGENTLY during your birthing procedure! I know that you can do it especially if it’s God’s will without the epidural. 🙂 And I’m so sorry you’ve been having a difficult time with this stage of pregnancy–it will be over before you know it, so hang in there!


    1. We live in the Caribbean and bought it at a store here so can’t really help you. But if anything, it has the Disney logo on the tag so maybe the Disney store will have it.


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