Pregnancy: 34 weeks & he’s a droppin’

ImageI had way too much fun with this collage. šŸ˜€

Can you tell that he’s dropped a bit? I swear this all happened over night! My co-worker saw me come up the stairs this morning and she went, “OMG! Your belly! He’s dropped!” It must have been very noticeable because 2 other people and my husband said the same thing. I knew something was off but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Many pregnant women eagerly look for signs of their baby dropping, which is also called engagement or lightening, toward the end of the third trimester.

A pregnant woman may notice more space between her breasts and the top of her uterus when the baby drops, explains the website If the pregnant woman herself doesn’t notice a physical change in the placement of her uterus, other people making comments about her “carrying lower” or noticing her belly bump is lower may also indicate the baby has dropped (

My husband says he definitely dropped because now he can’t give me a hug without bumping into my belly first. I’m assuming he’ll be dropping a bit more over the next few weeks. I’m more excited than nervous. šŸ™‚

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Weight gain: I honestly don’t know because I haven’t checked since my 32 week check-up. Probably 40 pounds gained?

Maternity clothes? YES. My body has changed dramatically over the past 2 weeks it seems. I am a mastodon at this point. My husband says at least I’m a cute mastodon. I’ll take it! šŸ™‚

Stretch marks? Nope. My mom only got a few under her abdomen with 2 kids so I’m hoping I’ll escape mostly unscathed as well.

Sleep: I haven’t been as fatigued as weeks prior. I’m not even drinking coffee anymore. I’ve subconsciously switched over to tea without realizing it until today. But sleep has been mediocre at best. I’m constantly waking up for no reason OR waking up because our little one decided it was time to take up tap dancing @ 4AM.

Movement: Much more so and suddenly very strong at that! It’s not painful but a few have definitely taken my breath away. I think I have to thank my long ass torso for not having to endure most of his karate kicks. I think I have a long torso and somewhat of a cavernous uterus. šŸ˜€

Food cravings: CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, ice cream, juicy fruit, … sweets in general. I’ve been wanting donuts for months now but always forgo the chance of eating them.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.

Gender:Ā Boy


  • Aches in my shoulders, hips and knees. I’m assuming it’s from always lying on my sides and having all this extra weight on me.
  • I get shortness of breath all the time now. I get it even when Iā€™m lying down.
  • I am struggling to finish a proper meal without feeling like a balloon ready to pop.
  • Braxton hicks are back as of last Friday and they are not fun. I had to leave work an hour early last Friday.
  • My fingers, feet and face have started to swell. Fingers definitely. Feet and face? Not so sure. It could just be fat.
  • I still feel hot & sweaty 80% of the time.
  • Digestive movements have slowed…..

Belly button in or out? In but just BARELY. The top of the belly button is sticking out slightly. I can see it through my sheer shirts. Weird.

Wedding rings on or off? Definitely off.

Best Moment of the week? Feeling all the sudden strong baby movements! I love feeling all the frequent punches and kicks. Bring ’em, baby!

Looking Forward to: holding him in my arms! ā¤


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