First world problems: So OVER It!


I feel 13 years old saying that but that’s how I feel about a number of things lately.

  1. Don’t ask me for advice and proceed to be rude and tactless when I’m spending my time and energy into you. I am ashamedly upfront and my friends & family are aware of this. So don’t get defensive and be a little bitch when you’re the one that came to me for my honest opinion.
  2. I caught my husband @ 5AM STILL playing his stupid online game. He’s back on his 3AM curfew. STAT.Image
  3. Braxton-hicks contractions are pretty consistent now and hurting me pretty badly at work. My belly gets rock hard and doesn’t let up until I lie down. And since I can’t lie down, the headaches and low back pain start with a vengeance. Even though I have an office job, sitting down for long stretches of time is becoming quite laborsome. 😦
  4. I really dislike this one barista at Starbucks. I practically go there every morning for my usual Iced Shaken Black Tea Lemonade. You know what she does? She doesn’t want to bother taking out the shaker so she just pours my drink and swirls it around. Now I truly understand the phrase, “Shaken. Not stirred.”  It’s a HUGE difference. Whenever she’s there, I have to remind her to do it properly. She gives me the stink eye but I really don’t care what the hell she thinks. If I’m paying an inflated price of $5-6 for my drink, I want it properly made damn it!
  5. My mom is still coddling my 20 year old brother.  He is not a go-getter and everything pretty much gets handed to him without him putting in any effort. I HATE that because I am the complete opposite. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I sink my teeth into a project, interview or job. I enjoy putting myself out there and seeing what life throws at me. My brother on the other hand is a part-time student who has a part-time job at my mom’s business and who is living a part-time life.

    Every time I tell my mom to stop enabling him via Skype,  she doesn’t look me in the eye and starts rambling something off tangent like the weather. I know she doesn’t want to hear it but she’s ruining him. I can already see it. He’s going to be a 40 year old man living with his parents with no prospects because my mom never shoved him out of the nest. I probably would have ended up that way as well if I wasn’t so headstrong and defiant of her ways. Hence, why I’m in the Caribbean. It was an all-in move or nothing. I hope my brother’s Eureka! moment comes earlier than regrettably later.

  6. And why is everyone’s panties in a bunch over Ryan Gosling? I don’t see the appeal at all. Am I missing a chip somewhere?Image

I suppose that was my pregnant monster rant for the week. I feel much better. Huzzah! 😀


4 thoughts on “First world problems: So OVER It!”

  1. 😦 I feel so bad for your husband. Though I can’t stay up until 5am anymore. I miss those youthful days.

    I didn’t see the appeal in Ryan Gosling until “Stupid Crazy Love.” Then I understood.


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