Husband is up to no good…

What is he doing?



We’re constantly battling each other. I know. Its’ been played out but hey – we’re still iPhone noobs.


These days, if the husband doesn’t cook, I just subsist on processed easy-to-eat foods or fruit. I know. What about the baby? Just being honest though.

I’m mixing it up though. A hot pocket for dinner and baby carrots for a snack. Granny smith apples for breakfast and some Cheetos on the side…. 😀


Starbucks ran out of containers. Stay classy, Curacao!


And as I’ve mentioned in my recent pregnancy post, I am a raging sugar monster. It’s a rare day when you see me eat an actual meal like the meat dish above.




2 thoughts on “Husband is up to no good…”

  1. Ohhh yes…pregnancy can really mess with our appetite and regular habits, doesn’t it? I like your attitude though! It’s always best to stay relaxed instead of wound up about perfection.


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