Pregnancy: 32 weeks!

He’ll be here hopefully in 8 weeks or less! πŸ™‚

  • I went to my check up yesterday and I am happy to announce that he is no longer breech! Woo hoo! Hopefully, he stays that way. I knew he had moved a bit because his movements had changed but didn’t think that he would have made mama proud by getting into the right position. Good baby!
  • My blood pressure went up slightly but is still in the normal range @ 110/60.
  • 2 weeks ago my fundal height was at 24CM. What was it yesterday? 28CM! 4CM in 2 weeks! I knew it wasn’t all in my head. I knew he had gone through a growth spurt. Mama’s instincts are never wrong. πŸ˜‰
  • He is right on track with his weight @ 3 3/4 pounds.
  • He’s already “dropped” a bit. My mom commented on it this past weekend and the pressure I’ve been feeling in my yoo-hoo wasn’t in my head either. πŸ˜€


How Far Along: 32 weeks

Weight gain: 36 pounds. JEEBUS!

Maternity clothes? YES. I have somehow managed to explode in the past week. πŸ˜€

Stretch marks? Nope. Let’s keep it that way!

Sleep: I’m practically dead as a doornail on Fridays and Saturdays. I sleep 11-12 hours at a time since I’m so exhausted from the workweek. I will go into more detail about his movements but sleep has been on/off here and there because he’s the most active at night.

Movement: He LOVES to move in the evening and around 2-4AM it seems. I suppose its’ because that’s when I’m the most stationary. I’m waking up a couple times a night from his crazy punches/movements. Honestly, some of them I find unsettling. They come out of nowhere.

My husband finally felt one of his strong kicks last night. I’ve been joking that our baby disliked his voice because every time he rubbed my belly and talked to him, he would stop moving!! It’s the strangest thing. I guess he’s going to be a mama’s boy. πŸ™‚

Food cravings: Yoplait yogurts, cheese, cereal and juice. I guess my body needs calcium?

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender:Β Boy


  • Tailbone pain isn’t as bad now but it aches when I’m walking for too long.
  • I get shortness of breath from time to time but nothing major.
  • I am struggling to finish a proper meal without feeling like a balloon ready to pop. I get full quickly and feel distention almost every time I eat.
  • Fatigue is at its’ all-time high. I’m always tired now.
  • My fingers, feet and face have started to swell. Fingers definitely. Feet and face? Not so sure. It could just be fat.
  • Headaches
  • Knees have started to ache. This is probably due to my 36 pound weight gain…

Belly button in or out? In but its’ trying really hard to stay in! I give it another week.

Wedding rings on or off? Definitely off.

Best Moment of the week? A huge sigh of relief knowing that the car accident didn’t harm the baby.

Looking Forward to: Buying more baby and mama essentials this weekend.


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 32 weeks!”

  1. At the end, when you REALLY drop, you will fully feel like you’ve been kicked in the crotch. Seriously, you’ll almost want to check and make sure there isn’t an arm hanging out.


  2. I’m so delayed but congrats on the pregnancy!! It must be so exciting! The pic of you and the hubby on your blog is so cute too. Hope you’re doing well πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Pregnancy has been a big bundle of excitement, nervousness, etc all in one. It’s definitely quite the experience.

      I’m doing well. How are you? How was your move? You said norcal, right?


      1. Have you settled on a name yet? I’m so happy for you! As for me, I’m dealing with this pain in the ass move to Cali. And YES, Norcal. I’m really excited! I just can’t wait to get there. Aiming to leave Boston after 4th of July.


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