June weekend updates + HUGE SCARE!

I noticed a growing trend in the nature of my posts. In relation to my pregnancy fatigue, I realized I’ve only been posting Sunday through Wednesday. That’s how exhausted and listless I would feel Thursday-Saturday. I’m tired as hell and irritable by Thursday morning, completely out of it and sleeping by 8PM on Friday and recharging the entire Saturday. Jeez louise. šŸ˜›

So guess what happens after I drop off my husband at the airport on Friday? (He’s gone until Monday for a tournament with his friends) A huge SUV rear ends me! TWICE! I’ve never been hit so I was in shock. Why did this have to happen the day of Paul’s absence?! šŸ˜¦


The first thing I felt was whiplash and then a horrifying realization that my baby could be hurt. It was and still is a huge concern for me. I called my doctor and she said to just rest at home and to be vigilant on counting the baby’s movements and if I was feeling contractions, etc etc. Besides a stiff neck, the baby is doing fine. He’s been moving about per usual and no upsets with the belly. Thank you, God. I also have a check up with my doctor this upcoming Wednesday so we’ll see for sure if anything is the matter.

Our rear bumper and trunk is completely smashed in whereas the SUV doesn’t have a dent on him. I initially didn’t know why he crashed into me. We were going 15 miles an hour in a small street. But then I saw that he was smoking a just-lit cigarette. I’m thinking that he wasn’t paying attention as he was lighting up. šŸ˜”Ā  Please, please, please keep your eyes on the road!

And as for some of my lazy weekend eats?

C’mon, you guy must still harbor some child-like love for Lunchables?? My eyes light up every time they have it in stock. I grew up with Lunchables as a child. They don’t make them anymore but did you 90’s kids ever get to eat the HUGE Lunchables? It was double the box with portions of BOTH ham, turkey, cheddar cheese and white cheese with a drink and a mint Andes! I miss them. :mrgreen:


Early Indian take out dinner for me on Friday. Butter chicken with basmati rice and 2 pieces of naan.


Watched me some Top Chef reruns! Season 2, I believe. Season 3 is my favorite season thus far. Throw in some random Project Runway reruns too. Hehe. I love Bravo!


I slept in Saturday and Sunday until 12 so I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfasts at my usual time.

For lunch today, I had a yummy salad with mozzarella balls, sun dried tomatoes and faux meat with a balsamic dressing.


And the rest? Yes. I did consume everything in its’ entirety before 5PM. It was delicious. They are 3 of my most favorite things to eat: apple flaps, GUMMY BEARS! and cereal. I can consume an entire cereal box in 2 days. Easy.




Even though it was for only a short time, I can’t wait to have my hubby back tomorrow! I don’t know if I mentioned this here before but Paul and I were initially in a long distance relationship for 9 months or so before one of us made the move. It’s difficult for me to be separated from him. šŸ˜¦Ā  I’ll post up our love story another day. It’s quite the doozy.

But until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend! šŸ™‚

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