How I knew he wasn’t The One

Say NO to blurred lines!

Pretty straightforward now but not so much when you’re young, naive and too optimistic about love and men. I think there were plenty of warning bells and red flags that I blatantly chose to ignore. I paid my dues. Here are a few of the top contenders:

  • He would always call you during his breaks at work. He says that your name & number is saved under 1 because that’s how much you mean to him. You know that’s a lie because 1 is always docked for voicemail. Undoubtedly naive and optimistic, you just play along and hope for the best. WRONG!
  • The guy would always text you throughout the day with “Good morning! ‘How are you feeling today?’ ‘Did you have a scrumptious lunch?’ ‘Can’t wait to see you later tonight!'” … until they abruptly fizzle out after a few weeks. No texts or calls unless you do. Bad sign.
  • You meet him at a night club.
  • You meet him at a night club and he says he usually doesn’t meet girls at the club but that you’re the exception. PLEASE.
  • He says he loves ethnic Oriental women like you. No.
  • He talks too much about himself and doesn’t ask any questions about you. Get rid of him after the 3rd date when you realize he’s never asked you the most basic questions of your last name, major in college or preference of food.
  • He incessantly talks about his ex-girlfriend and why he’s so burned by it. Get. Out. Now.
  • While you’re in the restroom, he tells your close girlfriends that he doesn’t see himself being with you for long. Ding! Ding! Ding!
  • All his friends tell you that you’re too good for him. They know something that you don’t.
  • When he says he wants to be single. He is being VERY clear. Don’t try to read into it and over-analyze the situation. It just makes you looks desperate and clingy.
  • He is usually high or drunk when you see him.
  • He doesn’t have the pocket change to pay for dinner yet brazenly tacks on a to-go order for his friend… that you’re left paying for as well.
  • He doesn’t tell you that he’s facing jail time when you initially start dating him. He tells you MONTHS later. Thanks for the heads up, asshole.
  • You find out he’s a promoter for a huge night club and his job is to take care of the go go dancers. Say what? What does that actually mean?!
The mind is too analytical.
The heart is too fast
And your gut is too truthful.
That is why love is so hard.

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