Pregnancy: Officially 30 weeks!

The countdown has begun to single digits! 10 weeks or less until our son graces us with his first breath. 🙂

This 4D image of him is from February when he was only 14 weeks. Even at 14 weeks, he was that big already! It still amazes me.


I went to my 30 week doctor’s visit today and so far so good!

  • Fundal height should be from 24 to 30 and he’s right on target at 24. It’s on the lower side but still within normal range.
  • Heartbeat is perfect at 152 BPM.
  • Oh and he’s breech. She says he decided to flip over. I guess he didn’t like being upside down for so long…? 😛  Hopefully, he’ll change his mind and flip again in the coming weeks. I’ve heard that doctors try to manually flip the baby? Sounds painful. I would rather prefer a vaginal birth over a c-section.

And as for mama:

  • I gained 1 KG in the past month. I guess my speedy weight gain is finally coming to a halt? I thought I’ve been eating MORE these days too! Pregnancy is so confusing!
  • My blood pressure dipped even lower from 100/70 to 100/60. A low BP is better than a high one I suppose. She says it’s fine but that I should be careful as I probably feel faint, dizzy or unwell from time to time. I do.
  • Vitamin C levels are very low. I have to start taking those nasty pills on a daily basis now. Hate them!
  • Will be taking my glucose tests some time this week or next. I don’t know how they are done in the states but my doctor says that there are 2 parts to this test. I stop eating the night before around 8-9 and go in for my 1st test. Then I eat something and head back to the lab on the same day for my 2nd test. I hope I pass…

How Far Along: 30 weeks exactly.

Weight gain: As I mentioned in my 29 weeks post, I thought I would have been 30+ pounds now. But I’ve actually lost a pound! This makes no sense to me but that’s what the scale says. I’m still at 30 pounds gained.

Maternity clothes? I’m still mixing and matching some maternity clothes in with my pre-pregnancy clothes. Well, now my boobs are popping out from every which way and I have to wear a tank top to cover my modesty but other than that, finding clothes that fit haven’t been that much of a hindrance.

Stretch marks? Nope. Thank goodness!

Sleep: It’s been on and off. It’s been off because I would wake up hot and sweaty but great at the same time because I’ve been sleeping for longer periods of time. Sleep has been my friend for the past week.

Movement: No wonder I’ve been feeling him so low. Since he’s now breech, his kicks have been hitting me toward my lower abdomen and pelvic area. I was worried last week because his movements decreased significantly but he was up to his antics over the weekend. Whew!

Food cravings: As of last week, I’ve been craving more sweets and junk food like chips and processed foods. Bad baby! 😀

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Boy


  • Tailbone pain on my right side. It feels like a metal screw that didn’t get screwed in properly. This usually happens when I’ve been on my feet for too long, sitting at work without a quick break, if I roll over too suddenly, …. basically anytime.
  • I get shortness of breath at times when I’m lying down. –> I was and am having shortness of breath because he flipped over. His big ol’ head is resting under my lungs. No wonder!
  • I am now struggling to finish a proper meal without feeling like a balloon ready to pop. I get full quickly and feel distention with almost every meal. I have to really start snacking more often and have less meals.
  • I’ve been feeling more and more tired this past week. I think it might be fatigue finally hitting. I slept almost 10-11 hours everyday during the weekend. It’s tiredness to the point where my arms and legs feel like jelly.
  • My charley-horse cramps, heartburn/constipation & Braxton-Hicks contractions barely pop up anymore. Awesome!

Belly button in or out? In.  The shape of it depends on the day and how much I ate.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. I can still wear them but it’s getting to that uncomfortable stage. My hands are definitely poofier and fatter.

Best Moment of the week? Baby and I were playing footsie! I felt this twice during the weekend. I could tell he was awake and having a ball of a time kicking away so I would massage gently on that spot. The kicking would stop briefly whenever I would rub and he would go at it again moments later. On and off it went until he got tired of it. It was amazing! 🙂

Looking Forward to: Spending more quality time with my husband before baby’s arrival.


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