What I Ate Wednesday + this&that

I’ve been trying  to eat just a tad bit healthier since I’ve been struggling to finish proper meals. Keywords are tad and bit. 😛

Since I hit my 3rd trimester, as if on cue, I would get uncomfortably full on small portions of food. I would feel distention and feel like a balloon ready to pop. My belly button has been making all kinds of silly faces at me for the past week as well. It looks like the end of a tied balloon. 🙂

Me this morning. Sitting in Caribbean traffic. It never crossed my mind that there would be traffic here of all places. I am now a true islander.


Breakfast consisted of my pre-pregnancy regulars: unsweetened venti iced shaken black tea lemonade with 2 granny smith apples sprinkled with cinnamon & half a tablespoon of Teddie’s peanut butter.

Tina from Carrots ‘n’ Cake always talks about Teddie’s so I decided to buy a jar yesterday. It’s delicious! Definitely more of a roasted peanut butter flavor than the JIF I always buy. 🙂

 My state of apples in disarray. I was juggling too many different things at once and dropped my tupperware of apples. 😦  I managed to salvage some from the ruin.


This soy yogurt tasted horrible. I remember eating some pre-pregnancy and it tasting just fine. Have my taste buds changed or was it just a bad carton?


Lunch was a peanut butter & apricot jam sandwich with a soft baked chocolate chip cookie & a fruit salad.


Unpictured are a small bag of Original Ruffles and some Cheetos Puffs. They were tasty. 😀

Copious amount of hot green/grain tea. I love this stuff!


Dinner: 2 baked chicken tenders with romaine lettuce, raw onion and green olives with Italian dressing. Oh yeah. Squirts of ketchup. Simple yet satisfying.


Paul has been the only one using the oven so far. He thinks I’m scared of using it since I gave myself a 2nd degree burn on my hand a few months ago. 😦  Perhaps. It was the first time I smelled flesh burning. And the first time I tasted it.

When I burn myself with something, the first thing I do on instinct is to suck on it until I can get some ice cubes or aloe vera. This was my first true burn and let me tell you that burnt skin does not taste very pleasant. After my minut burning mishap, I can only imagine what true burn sufferers have to go through.

I think the scar is going to be permanent. I can’t even remember how many layers of skin this burn went through.


And I don’t know about you but I don’t particularly think this is a very sound investment. 😀  Takes laziness/leisure to another level!



5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday + this&that”

  1. Baby Kettle!?? Lol! My wife would kick my ass if she saw me using that thing instead of holding the baby to feed him or her. Plus she says you’re not supposed to let them drink from a bottle while they’re laying on their backs…so many rules!


    1. I honestly have no idea. Maybe it’s a Caribbean/European thing? But I did personally take this picture at a ginormous Costco-type store. I’m a first-time-mama-to-be with no experience whatsoever but even I knew this was just ridiculous. 😀


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